Impeachment again? TW descriptions of violence and some strong language, read at discretion.

Dear readers,

By now you’ve noticed what’s in the news about the disgraceful President, or should I say the illegitimate President of the United States regarding his status and impeachment. I’ve got something to say about this.

One, impeachment is necessary, and a guy who incites a riot at the Capitol nearly creating Gilead like laws in the country should never have public service on his mind. If I ran for President like Hilary, I’d be speaking out. I’d be saying, why? why did we elect this guy? I’d also ask that a debate include a barrier between me and Trump so that he couldn’t touch me because I would be confronting him on his Access Hollywood tape. Grab a girl by the pussy? He’s done that before, and he’ll do it to a little girl at Marralago or something, which saddens me. So here’s what I think should be done to punish Trump and his followers:

1. Impeach him of course. But then he should be prosecuted for not only abusing power, but for trying to mess up Biden’s foreign policy arguments. Cuba is not a state sponsor of terrorism, and the Castro regime is over. We need to be able to normalize relations, and I have Cuban friends and acquaintances who could not agree more. There are many Hispanics in the Miami Little Havana area that probably want Trump gone for good.

2. All LGBTQI+ protections should be restored quickly, thanks Joe, and we need to be frank and fair in administering the punishments for those who kill trans women of color. Remember, folks, trans women are women.

3. We need to kick homophobes, transphobes, and other sort of phobes out of public service. I know that some people don’t agree with the LGBTQ lifestyle, but you know what? They’re human beings, and their rights are not up for debate in my opinion. Same sex couples who love and care about each other like the different sex couples should receive the same protections. We need to be cracking down on hate crimes against folks like my chorus brethren, sisterhood or whatever.

4. We must stop block grant programs for Medicaid, and Trump just did this all on the dime of the disabled in Tennessee. We need to stop the block grant programs from taking effect because Biden won’t hear of this. As a victim of guardianship abuse, I can’t go to college without having to be overly proactive or lose out, or I can’t get a job without suing people for accommodations. Jobs will not hire someone who needs therapy twice weekly. That’s just a sad reality. Jobs won’t hire mental patients unless they go through To Succeed and even those job opportunities are too menial and don’t exercise my intellectual gift of music. I can’t afford to be a receptionist at a Dunkin or whatever you want me to be. I hope the Trump administration is told they can’t serve any capacity anymore. This also includes weakening protections for minorities and women.

5. Perhaps Trump should be forced to watch the Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu if such service could be provided in prison? Oh, wait, Hulu should not be allowed in prison, of course, but the only thing Trump should be reading is Margaret Atwood’s books, including the Handmaid’s Tale. It’ll be an uncomfortable read, but Trump will learn what his pussy grabbing strategy with the females could have wrought, even the riots at the Capitol. If there was a way to pipe the show through Trump’s TV in his little prison cell, why not make him watch the barbaric atrocities he could have invoked from the Atwood perspective? This woman’s book was a serious foresight, and this one woman on Facebook called it “irrelevant fiction.” Um, no. Atwood had studied before she wrote the handmaid’s Tale, and trust me, she even used scripture quotes that justified the use of handmaids or surrogate slave moms while she was writing this. Trump should understand that the riots and insurrection at the Capitol should not have happened. IF he and his followers watched the handmaid’s Tale, the show on Hulu not being part of prison of course, they would be crying and wetting their pants. I’m sure they would, and Trump and his loyal followers would see that what they did was wrong. There’s this one scene I want to bring to your attention, and it caught me at a very uncomfortable spot. It’s when OfGlenn, or Emily who was OfGlenn and OfSteven, was given surgery to remove her clitoris and … may I add a spoiler alert here? She got sick of being a handmaid, and nearly killed Aunt Lydia. She escaped with Baby Nicole to Canada, something that is a slight modification in the show, but Emily is a lady after my own heart, but on the scene I am referring to, Emily’s former lesbian partner gets hanged in a noose from a crane. I can’t fucking process that scene lightly, and it will probably scare some of these people. What the judges said was all Bible verses, and Emily’s Martha partner was hanged for homosexual activities. My friends who are lesbian had a fit about that scene, and trust me, I couldn’t process that one hard enough. If the insurrection and coup d’etat actually did succeed, not only would my friends be hanging from the wall, but my racial impurity would put me in a bad loop.

5. Perhaps we should write his charges on a plackard around his shirt? Trump should have to wear his sin like the Scarlet Letter was worn around some of the women. Instead of an A for adultery, he should wear a F for failure, a D for demonic dictator, or any other letter that would go well with Trump’s actions. He’d have to wear his little hate symbols upside down and a T-shirt that says, I incited a coup attempt and lost the election, I am a sore loser, should be worn at all times. Such a punishment did happen for a sex offender. He had to wear a shirt that said he was a registered sex offender. He had to wear that shit to work, and it probably served to humiliate him. Trump’s little coup d’etat attempt was a failure, and his shirt should reflect that. it would be the equivalent of hanging him on the Gilead wall, but in this case, we’re not killing him. Just humiliating the guy and forcing him to wear his sins on his back like the shirts he always wore.

5. Any rebels and commanders who participated in the Capitol riots should not be allowed near D.C. I applaud Air B&B for doing its part in disassociating with people who are hateful and canceling and banning these people. Trump lied to us all, and that’s the truth.

Before I close out this blog entry, I’d like to warn my followers that I might be writing down a lot of important things. I’d like to do bonus content for my podcast, and the link was recoded recently because Apple really messed that one up. Also, we’re working on some ideas for the next season, but I’d like to talk about what recently happened and what I thought. Thank you all for reading.

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