What I’m Thankful For in 2020

Dear readers,

This year has been a wild ride indeed. I have been subjected to the decision to disable commenting on this blog because of trolls like Wes and Bill, and I’m not changing names because their names appeared in the screenshots I shared in March. I was also subjected to a death threat by a woman in Avilar, Colorado, a Karen who didn’t get it. I also understood that in the more national front, there was corona virus. In the beginning, we had a president who was denying the “Wuhan corona virus” and was being racist against Chinese and Asian Americans, something I know in my concscious self I would never do. Unconsciously, I’m not racist against anyone, given that I was isolated in my youth from people I felt were stronger and less shameful than the whitewashed family I was raised in. For some reason, I feel welcomed in my black family relations, and I have a lot to be thankful for this year despite having to deal with people who don’t think I should be alive at all, but I am. Not only am I thankful to have the partner of my choice, commitment and all, I’m also thankful for my friends who support and care about the things I care about too. I discovered, this year of all years, the Jefferson Unitarian Church. They are a beacon of hope and social justice for all of Denver, but the Unitarians are extremely social justice oriented, something right up my alley. I was taken to the polls by a member of their church who was introduced to me by our wedding officiant, oddly enough, and I was able to vote in person. I’m glad I made a difference for the president elect, and I hope Mr. Biden reads my blog one day and discovers what the plight of blind and physically disabled people actually is like. Stutters are one thing, but you can’t fix blindness that is from birth, especially mine. Corrective glasses won’t work, so I had to learn Braille and adaptive skills and techniques, but my parents attacked my very dignity at seventeen years of age, having had guardianship for fifteen years. I was not planning on being involved with the Unitarian church, but I’m leaning towards that because of the contacts I made, and the wedding officiant I met through … yes, a google search. I was hoping a Unittarian Universalist church existed in Colorado or somewhere near because my buddy, a girl in Massachusetts, recommended such a church. She had been involved with Will and the Tribe, a band of folks who have this wonderful CD out. Will is awesome, no joke, and I’ve seen him and his daughter, my buddy Lavender, at very good times, but then I found Lavender through another friend. Lavender totally gets me. I get her. The difference with her is that she has autism, but I don’t think I’m autistic, and I totally get that some people don’t do well with talking. I’ve learned a lot from Lavender, but now I have her to thank for the choices I’ve begun to think about.

You might wonder what all this has to do with being thankful and all. It has a lot. I’m thankful for my friends, Lavender included; my partner who I committed to a few weeks back, and he’s all that I want him to be; my shelter from the storm because if I wasn’t in my apartment, I’d be frozen to death; and, oddly enough, the police department. When I received the death threat in march, there was only one problem: the police couldn’t find the woman who did this. Wes is probably out there wherever he might be, tracking down FBI agents or trying to tell people the lies he wants to about me. Bill? I don’t know what went through his mind when he had the wrong conversation with the wrong person about the wrong subject. I’m thankful my partner is even alive, and he’s breathing right beside me on the bed, probably staring at twitter and tweets right now. However, with these people’s philosophy of white supremacy, my partner could be dead even if I cried, “He didn’t do anything wrong.” The police cannot shoot my partner for anything but being armed and committing a crime. Neither of these things he has done. My partner is black, but still disabled and can’t imagine himself owning or receiving a firearm. I may personally have to get a gun if I lived in the projects, which we might be stuck in, even if we are thankful for this. FBI resources should not be used to investigate a blog, I wrote earlier in the year, and it should be duly noted that this Thanksgiving, both of these lecherous men will probably spend it alone and without their wives or girlfriends at the table. One of them suffered the millionth breakup, and while I don’t celebrate breakups, this is something that I absolutely must point out. Obsessions with girls named Megan, along with two divorces and a blood daughter who’s like, why is my dad being stupid, that should tell you something. Women are known to warn each other about predatory behavior by men, and what’s odd about the situation here is that a predator rallied with the two other men I mentioned … a predator I’ve mentioned here about a billion damn times. This predator does not understand that he’s not mature, he’s not fit for a relationship, and his heart issues could put him at dire risk of getting corona virus which, from the Georgia perspective, is not something you want to do. When I went to Georgia those times, I got good Southern hospitality, but the man I am referring to is not hospitable for women. I don’t wish covid on anyone, no matter how much I may hate them, not even Wes, Jason, or Bill. However, if they did get covid, I’d wish they’d use the covid sick and recovery time to think about why they got it, how they got it, and what they should do to abide by public health rules. I would hope that none of them, not even the first guy I talked about, will travel this Thanksgiving because of public health orders. Our mayor, Michael Hancock, decided to see his daughter in Mississippi, but I feel it is irresponsible. However, I do forgive him because that’s his daughter. However, I don’t want his daughter to get covid, or Mr. Hancock himself. I don’t wish covid on anyone, like I said, not even my worst enemy. I hope that the guys herein, however, if they get covid, they need to use the time to reflect and think about why they got it, how they got it, and where their errors lay. One of these errors is wishing me dead, or my partner or other black folks. When a person wants to wish brutality on the black community, says black lives don’t matter, etc., that person is a supremacist who can’t be trusted, and if they think this way, it’s dangerous for me as a woman, for my partner as a man, and for my future kids and nieces and nephews and other children in the family. Let’s be honest, I enjoy Christmas and Thanksgiving, but this holiday season, please do not send death threats, and try and mess up my whole life. If you are a Trump supporter, now you have to reconcile with Biden folks. I’ve been ridin’ with Biden since the campaign began, but I feel that Biden will be a strong force in our country, especially for the disabled. I’m thankful we elected him as well.

While I do want to go into detail about the year’s wins and losses, I won’t. do this until the rap up but it won’t be twenty things in 2020, for it was taken over by corona virus and the death threats. Because this blog has no comments allowed, you might want to talk to me on Twitter or facebook, and think about all the things you might have said wrongly about me. For Thanksgiving, while my partner and I are cooped up like chickens in the henhouse, we’re thankful we have each other, and our lives, to ponder. What we don’t want in our holiday celebration is people who associate me with slutty behavior, something I won’t tolerate, and sexist and patriarchal tropes have to go. Please read Unladylike by Christin Conger and Caroline Irvin, and get unladylike if you’re a woman and get educated if you are a guy. Just think about this for a few.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate, and stay safe and healthy, my friends.


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My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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