Make them hear you: Voting and the Importance of Electing the Proper Person

Dear readers,

If you can find an accessible voting machine in your precinct, vote. If you can find your mail in ballot on your piles of paper, vote. If you have an accessible voting method, please vote. If you vote, think about a few things: if you are female, do you want to continue having the right to vote? What about the right to read, write, and own property? Or do you want your daughters to go to special schools where they just sit there and do petty point and coloring books? And do you want your daughter to be limited in what activities she can do? If the answer is no to those questions, then please vote for the candidate who will safeguard your rights. As a colored female, if you are a colored female, do you want to be whipped around at the polling places? Do you want your daughters and granddaughters to be told that the only jobs open to them are cleaning and cooking? This also applies to other types of females, but if you want to answer no to those questions, then vote for a candidate who will safeguard your rights. Think about the things you might see if the Proud Boys and Boogaloo Boys take control of this country, cancel any rights we have, and put women in a place they can’t be in. Think about whata might happen if religious fanatics came in and took over the country. Do you want a president who doesn’t care if fanatical evangelicals tell women they can’t read? That they can’t minister to men? That they will have to go to those special schools to learn embroidery, petty point, and coloring? Think about it. If you are a male ally and you’re reading this, congratulations on being a sister’s brother, a wife’s husband, or any other sort of male ally. You need to be further educated if you’re someone who doesn’t believe women should have rights. If you’re someone who believes women are the property of their fathers first, then their husbands, stop reading this blog immediately and go somewhere else and think about what drives you to think this way. Is it your entitlement? Are you a power hungry and entitled male? If you answered yes, then you shouldn’t be thinking that way. Women are counting on you to vote for them, vote for us to be able to type the ideas in this blog, vote for us to be able to read good books, not have to sit there and do embroidery and petty point all day. We want to be able to do things that are beyond what men believe we can do: we want to do something other than cook and clean for the males in our lives. This is half the reason I don’t do dishes, don’t cook, and don’t clean house all the time. The big reason is this: I was emotionally abused and forced to live with a patriarchal family, one that has not been invited to the wedding which, by the way, will have to take place no matter what happens. We’re looking forward to it, Trenton and I, but we can’t stay together if people tell us to separate. What if your presidential candidate makes it illegal for blacks and whites to marry? Parents should never allow this, and even more, Congress and the President should be fighting on human rights grounds, not debating on this. Interracial marriage is not up for debate, it’s a human right. Disabled women’s rights to their bodies and minds is not up for debate, it’s a human right. There are lots of things not up for debate, and they are human rights. Think about it, and vote accordingly.

Thank you all for reading this blog. I hope to write good news next.


Author: denverqueen

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