First blog post in a while, and a warning

Dear readers,

First of all, I’d like to thank you guys for being so wonderful and liking my stuf on WordPress. Second, I have a bit of a warning. This is personal.

I’ve been blocked on Twitter by someone I thought was a friend. I had to delete his phone number anyway because he turned out to have what Tallahassee from Zombieland franchise movies calls “a purdy mouth”. Yeah, he had a pretty big mouth and probably was engaging in HIPAA based attacks on my mental state and health. This is unprecedented territory and must be stopped. Imagine if someone spread a rumor that I had Covid19. Imagine for a moment it was you who was the victim of a big bad rumor that you heard voices in your head, had cancerous tumors growing out your ass, etc etc. This is not something you mess around with, and health attacks are downright illegal. The man’s name? I hate to be the namer of things, but his twitter account is jorgepaez1994 and he blocked me so he could probably engage in these HIPAA based attacks. I warn you all that if you are my supporters and reading this, do NOT use this information to harass or bring bad luck to this user. He already knows what’s coming. Please do not contact this person, and do your best to warn others of what he and his buddies are probably up to. Blocking me on Twitter for any reason other than I did something wrong is quite stupid. And engaging in HIPAA based attacks will not be tolerated or made legal by your hand. If you don’t want people spreading rumors about you and if you don’t want people to say something that is inaccurate or untrue, do not engage in this unprecedented attack on my health and well being. My parents are reversing guardianship guidelines as it is because they know they messed up, they know that now it’s too late for me to have a healthy and happy family and success in any career. They know what kind of bullshit that guardianship brought, and it was all evil and bad luck. Jorgepaez1994 is not to be contacted, and I won’t be in touch with him much at all, if not at all because of these HIPAA based attacks and the fact is he followed and blocked me. He attacked my dignity along with some others, usernames I don’t wish to name at this time because I was threatened once. Also, if there’s anyone who wants to engage in a HIPAA based attack, turn yourself in immediately and don’t say a word. Do not spread medical misinformation about anything, whether it’s me or the corona virus. Spreading rumors is not a good activity to engage in, and the blindness community does not need to be spreading HIPAA related information about me, and this is my own story to tell. That guardianship is gone with the wind, so you all move on. If I find that any of you guys tries to get in my shoes about Jorgepaez1994, please note that I will not respond to threatening phone calls and letters, and I won’t respond to any harassment by email or text message. Please, stop telling me to venture into dangerous territory. Florida is the second highest covid state in the nation, so there’s no reason to travel there at this point. Even this guy knows it.

For those who’ve behaved themselves on here, thanks. I appreciate the love and support i’ve gotten since disabling comments. Nobody is to comment here on the blog, and that is because of trolls and haters like the guy I mentioned earlier. I don’t know what his real intent is by following me and suddenly blocking me on Twitter. But it don’t look good. I don’t want purdy mouths on my twitter or facebook commenting weird, so please, if you’re a zombie and you plan to eat me in Zombieland, do stay in your fictional parallel universe and don’t eat at all. Thank you all, and I hope I can be of better service to you all in the future.


Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.