Time for a New Keyboard?: My Quest to Win the Heart of a Bluetooth Keyboard That Doesn’t Stick.

Dear readers,

First and foremost, I would like to address some housekeeping. Thank you so very much for being so wonderful and liking the posts you like, following my blog, and being all around respectable about it. I think disabling comments might have done the trick as far as keeping trolls out. We will continu disabling comments on my blog so that we can write in peace.

Now, I’d like to tell you guys a dirty little secret. It’s not sexy, but this is a secret I haven’t told many people. My Logitech k480’s been acting strange lately, and I wonder if it’s time to put a new keyboard in its place. What do you guys think? We’re researching a bunch of different ones, and I have a Zagg portable folding one for going out, but yeah, I loved this k480 for a long time. I wonder if I need a divorce or is it over for us, me and Logitech? We will only see.

With the keyboards we’re looking for, we want a multidevice bluetooth thingamajig that will actually work, charge and recharge, do clickity clicks to different devices at the touch of a button. So which ones should I consider? Please, guys, comment on Twitter or FB if you have either. IF you have neither, well, email me at denverqueen@gmx.com


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