The weirdest dreams I’ve had lately, missing something special.

Dear readers,

I woke up twice during the night, slept as much as I possibly could, but there was one weird dream I could not shake off. It had something to do with rehearsals of some Philharmonic orchestra in one of the old concert halls I used to be a frequent visitor to, the Orlando concert arena of all places. I heard what could have been something a bit more original, but turned out to be something quite familiar. As it turned out, might have been the Jurassic Park theme, why? Crazy as it sounds, I played the piano parts to this theme a while ago in high school, alongside a fellow musician who played on the harp parts, but we both used Korg keyboards to make the sounds come alive. So what was this about? I’m not good at interpreting things like this, but it just doesn’t add up. None of the dreams I’ve had lately add up, but still.

What I do miss about the time before the Pandemic struck is the time when you could sing or perform in a group. Now you can’t because health officials deemed it a big risk. But what stupidity these health officials have, for music brings joy to people, and people need music in their lives to heal. I don’t know when my choirs will practice again, but orchestras? Why I hope they will become more important, even though we have at least 3.8 million people infected with Covid 19, but taking away the joy of music is stupid. Now those who need it will fall by the wayside. I can’t imagine my life stripped of music, even writing, because music is important. Music saved what little sanity I could muster four years ago, maybe even three, because all the bad guys wanted me to have nothing at all. And then a pandemic took that away from us, honestly, I don’t know for how long. Health officials should never have deemed choir singing a risk because choirs and singing should be a healing thing, not something that can get you sick. But let me say this for a moment: I’m not for Trump and his mask off policies and his magical thinking. What I am for is bringing people together to get rid of the pandemic in thee best way we can, but not taking away music in a group. Schools opening is a bad idea, and students won’t learn unless music is taught to them. Now, we might have underdeveloped brains because music isn’t there, can’t be taught, or can’t be used as a tool for education all because “it can get you sick.” Ridiculous as it sounds, I find this line of thinking very counter to what studies have shown about music and music education. I was lucky that music was taught for me, and music is an inclusive, or is supposed to be inclusive, art. As a blind person, I connect with musicians more than ordinary people, and taking that away over some deadly health risk is ridiculous because what will happen when this pandemic goes away and the music does too? We need to be assured that we can sing in choirs, in a group, etc. when this Corona virus pandemic goes away. We need a vaccine, something that will immunize us against the virus so we don’t have to wear masks or anything like that. I don’t want to get sick, and I know a bunch of you don’t either. But taking away a treasured gem like music is not the way to go about healing the nation. We could sing solo like in our own bedrooms and bunkers, but that is not the same as singing harmoniously in a group. People need to stop reverting to the dark ages where European music had no polyphonic sound, where it was simply solo music, where there weren’t many musical scores written out. Children aren’t going to like not having music in schools, sickness or not. It is something that, like I said saved my life. If it weren’t for music, I might have told my parents to stop talking to me or perhaps I might have ended my whole life because of how they treated me. Music was a refuge, a shelter from all that. And to dream of a time when a music rehearsal can happen, this is what I don’t get. I dreamt of myself walking through the concert hall, hearing the musicians practicing, and a voice sounded as the Philharmonic orchestra played. Will music be used in movies and documentaries? Will it ever come back? I would hope to God it does, and that choirs are not disbanded or not allowed to practice ever again. Trust me, government is not trustworthy in my humble opinion. They took music education out of schools, replaced it with standardized test scores, and now they want you to believe that music can make you sick. Well, I don’t believe it, and if anyone gets Covid 19 as a result of a choir practice, and some people did, it’s because they weren’t wearing masks that allowed them to sing good. Yes, you can sing with masks on, but still, I don’t know. DWC canceled its fall season, which I’m very upset at that, and they probably won’t have a spring season if the Covid crisis doesn’t get under control, but Trump and his magical thinking should disappear, and not to say the corona virus won’t, but it won’t if he keeps it up.

After I woke up from this dream, I thought a while about what could happen if music was not allowed to be played or practiced in places like this. We’d end up chanting instead, back to the Dark Ages and people would place blame on the Goddess or something. If a Pandemic sweeps the globe, I get it, people want to place blame on something. But the blame is not on a deity or human beings. Science says that viruses mutate, have sex, and sweep the globe for a while. Florida has the worst Covid numbers of any state, and that’s why I’m also not going to my grandmother’s memorial service. My cousin messaged me about this, but I said, no. I’m not putting myself at risk for any reason, whether by covid or a Guardianship trap. Forget it, I’m not trying to let my cousin down, but music should be sung at the memorial, and singing in a group will have to happen, but I don’t want to sing in Florida. I don’t want to sing in a group in a state that let me down, that turned its back on me, that claims I need protection, all that and more. Yes, I was a frequent concertgoer in my teens, in Florida of course, but that’s no more. I left it all behind, and I have a different battle to fight. Students need to learn to sing in a group, whether the risk is there or not. Schools cannot deny students brain development, whether the risk is there or not. Students should be learning to play instruments whether the risk is there or not. Music will shelter students from even the worst of this pandemic. It has already proven a challenge for blind guide dog users, blind cane users, etc. I can’t see the floor markers on stores, so forget the social distancing. Masks are now required on all indoor public spaces. Are we nuts? Yes, I get the covid 19 crisis needs to be put under control, but I’m sick and tired of people getting sick and tired. So here’s a hint when dealing with this, and other issues: let the people sing.


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