The Fantasy Drama You Want to Check Out

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Now, I’d like to turn your attention to a very common set of fantasy dramas based on either books, comics, or Medieval fantasy. Either of these will do, but I want to warn you, some of the actors and actresses are English or British or similarly accented, so the words might not always find you in a heartbeat. Listen closely to what the people are saying.

As a matter of fact, I like the new Netflix show Cursed. It’s about a girl who becomes a priestess, that kind of thing. Then you have the King, so this sounds a lot like an Arthurian legend, big time. My impression so far is that this is grander than most Medieval fantasy comics, but this is an amazing show so far. Nimway, a young priestess’s daughter ends up becoming summoner of the gods and spirits and such, and her adventures are many. I’m going to delve into this particular show.

Let’s get to the old guard with medieval and magical fantasies. Carnival Row, an Amazon Prime show, is amazingly well described just as Cursed is, but this other show is about Fairies, humans, and others in a modern world. It is about Celtic legends, similar in scope to the Arthurian kinds, but best of all, it has a mix of old and new in it, so check it out if you dare.

There are other kinds of shows, including a Letter For the King on Netflix, but Hulu has not gotten into the habit of doing medieval fantasies, but still I think the Arthurian and Celtic fantasy stories are amazing. The bad thing about these shows is that they are not for kids, so keep the small children in bed while you watch this set of shows. I will not be doing a full length review of Carnival Row unless I can get my butt to watch the show more often, but I do want to binge watch Cursed, and eventually review it. It’ll be quite interesting what happens in the show, but if you want spoilers, I will not provide them here. Thank you for reading.


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