13 zodiac signs??? Yes.

The following article has some pretty interesting insights into why Ophiuchus is making the internet crash. I have my theory about why I think 13 astrological signs is a good thing though. Astrologers were especially fearful of this stuff, but Christians tried hard to punish worship of the goddess, and she was associated with the number 13. Dudes don’t do well with 13, which I theorize is why iOS 13 was a flop and a bit of a disaster. Tim Cook, are you reading this? In China, numbers like 4 are a bad luck thing as well. The Chinese company 1+ actually skipped 4 in their phone creations, and this is mainly because 4 equals death. Imagine a phone called the One+4 or … well, worse, if it killed you or something after you bought it. That’s what the number 4 means in Chinese culture, it is a number associated with death. But 8 is a number associated with good luck, and Michael Phelps had plenty of it, 8 damn gold medals in the 2008 olympics later. He had struck good luck and gold for his gold, and the number 8 is to blame. Now, the 13 zodiac signs really make me wonder, is the patriarchy going to go where it belongs? I hope so. Check out this article though, as some people don’t like it.


Author: denverqueen

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