God Bless Books

Dear readers,

Books, I love them and I could gobble them up like food. Why? Because I discovered audible, the site everybody loves that has professionally narrated audio books. And I will still use the NLS bard site, but the book limits are dumb and I can’t tell you the half of it. I can’t do the protected notice thing and override it anyway, and I wrote about this on Facebook, saying that Audible might be a better thing because at least I can keep track of credits, and one day I will have books to read that are professional. Here’s a few examples:

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood is narrated by Claire Daines, but on NLS Bard, the quality is not as great, but Laura Gianarelli is a great narrator period. So … let’s think. Who would you want narrating a really important book? That would be Claire for me, so I’m going to delve into the book with Claire Daines narrating her way through the pages, but I still think Elizabeth Moss’s performance in the Hulu show is bomb. She just does wonders that’s all.

The Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter are narrated by Eric Sandvold on NLS Bard, but I think Eric has a good voice, don’t get me wrong. But when you want to hear a good book from the point of view of Michael York, who narrates Brave New World in a so British way, you’ve got to get the Narnia box set I ended up throwing on my bookshelf. And the best thing or part of that entire box set is … spoiler alert, the last book is narrated by none other than the guy who plays Jean-Luke Picard, Okay, I can’t spell the first name, but the guy who plays Captain Picard, also known as Patrick Stewart, and yes, it might sound great on paper, but I can’t wait to hear Patrick Stewart narrate a Narnia book. Trenton loves the Chronicles, so we study them together, and we studied them while eating, but we looked at the Focus on the Family dramatizations, perhaps the only good thing Focus on the Family brought us. I like those dramas because they literally copy the book. But Jadis’s name is pronounced weird in the dramas, but the book does it right. Eric pronounced the words “Calormen”, “Tarkaan”, and “Tarkheena” almost close to how I’d have pronounced it, but remember, I read the Chronicles in Braille too. Harry Potter is a no brainer, Jim Dale is the best, so Steven Frye? Oh please, he can read everything else, but don’t wreck Harry Potter.

There are lots of great books in the audible collection, but I’m working on trying to see what Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s book collection has gotten into, but still, I hope she’s doing another book, but I’d love to see a performance from the lady herself on Audible. Books like these are being shipped into Bard, but then, … well, here’s the thing with Bard: it’s a library. It’s weird with that book limit someone told me about, no wonder half the books were unreadable. Ugh. I gotta wait to read those books till August. Ugh.

So what is Audible’s ranking against Bard? I can’t say one is better than the other, but Bard works when books can’t be found on Audible, and the Elvenbane is an example. I love that book, and it is one of those with thought provoking questions to humanity embedded in the subject matter.

With Bard, you can listen while the thing you’re playing it on, whether iPhone, android, whatever, is locked, but same with Audible. The only thing with Audible is you have to subscribe, which I did, and then there’s credits you get per month to get books, and I hope I get audible book credits for my birthday because I want more books to read, good audio books, professionally narrated and performed by good people like … well, Claire Daines and Patrick Stewart. I think Michael York’s narrations are amazing, don’t get me wrong I think British literature is very very important, so yeah.

God bless the ability to listen to and read books, and for this summer, read as many books as possible.


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