Star Trek: What We Have and What’s Coming Next

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Star Trek in all its glorious awesomeness has gotten a lot of future predictions, and I’d like to cover a great deal more than I should about Star Trek, but there are a few things I’m going to cover that might fascinate you lovely people out there. To start with, let’s take a tour of the Holodec.

If you’d like to learn more, I have an article about the holodec, but let’s explain what that actually encompasses. We’re talking virtual reality, but you also see it in Total Recall and many other scifi movies and shows, but virtual reality can make some folks kind of sick. Holodec tech is a close encounter with reality, and to learn more, check this article out.

For the medicine and health category, I’d like to say we don’t quite have the tri quarters there yet, but we’re working on that one. However, we’re able to use the data collected on such devices as … well, I have a wristwatch that detects my heart rate. Isn’t that snazzy? And Star Trek tech is predicting that we will be able to diagnose and treat cancers and diseases. What I’d love to see would be stuff to make food with, replicating things that the Star Trek universe has everywhere you look. The Star Trek universe could have never been more right about self collecting data with medical devices, and what I think we’ll see next is a way to do glucose checks without poking our brains out with needles. Could the same tech we use to check oxygen levels be the same thing that scans a blood vein in your finger and looks at the glucose in it without poking? It would help a lot, and it would save many precious lives.

For societal categories, I think that would have to go to female leadership. Yes, I know some of you think Catherine Janeway is annoying, and I don’t care what anyone thinks, but in Star Trek, women rule. Women and minorities have greater voice and say in everything, but there’s only one problem. Jordy, the engineering guy on the Enterprise, is blind, and wears a special visor that lets him see everything. Could this so called Jordy’s Visor help me, you might ask. I say no, because of the anatomical structures of my eyes and how I was born, and the eye development simply did not happen. It might help those with vision, like this guy I know, he calls himself “Illegally Sighted”, but the visor might help correct the visual acuity things he may have or develop later. However, for a totally blind from birth person, the treatment would have to occur at infancy, and moreover, the eyes would have to be operated on a lot. No, I’ll pass on that.

For the hardware category, there’s a uttload of things I could say Star Trek and the modern space age predicted, and got 99% right. I now have a walkie talkie on my wristwatch, my phone is also portable and I can carry it anywhere, and I also have lots of chips in my computer equipment the size of a strand of hair!!!!! Think about it. As a blind person, I also use Braille which can b replicated with pins and such on a small board thing, a display that basically forms the words. It’s like the crystals in your tablet that form the printed words. Imagine what your kindle fire looks like on the inside, then tell me if Star Trek predicted that. I could go on and on, but I’m going to talk about virtual things in another article.

So what did Star Trek get wrong? Well, hard to say really, except I don’t see Klingons in real life, and honestly they fascinate me for whatever strange reason, but we don’t have sentient beings in intergalactic communication areas … yet. We’re searching for that, but I am still waiting for that ET phone home call from an alien from Mars, just not the aliens from Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius, the ones with the weird bodies that try to eat Jimmy’s and the other kids’ parents.

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