A monumental Place

Dear readers,

IF I were to go someplace after the pandemic is over, there is one place I want to visit. It’s in Tennessee, but it’s worth it. Either this or Atlanta in Georgia. There is a civil rights museum in one of these two states, and one of the cool things about it is that you get to experience what it was like to be segregated against in a cafe. You put on a pair of headphones, and you get to hear the protocol that most white cafe and restaurant lunch counter owners did back in the day of “whites only” counters and such things as this. I heard about it from a friend, but I’d like to visit the Civil Rights museum because of what happened to many a black comrade across recent modern history. I’d like to take a few white friends over there, and I’d like them to experience the horrors of segregation firsthand, well sort of firsthand. There is no civil rights prop that can really tell you how it is to get shot, however. No museum piece is going to simulate death or anything that similar to it, but it does help to educate the public if we start with the lunch counter incidents. There is a famous movie scene I’d like to point out as well. So in Remember the Titans, some of the Titans football players went down to a cafe, and the white proprietor said not so kindly, and this is just me paraphrasing, that Petey could just go outside and out back because he was black. The white players were served, of course. This is just one of many incidents that even Jim Jones addressed in Indiana, and no matter what anyone thinks about the charismatic leader, there is one good thing he did in Indiana. He was diplomatic about desegregating restaurants and cafe establishments in Indianapolis and other places. What’s more, he desegregated gravesites and adopted a black kid, which goes against what white people would have wanted. Jim and Marcy, his wife, had a rainbow family, but at least the kids will tell you the guy was nuts. Anyway, back to what I was saying before.

If I visit any place, it would have to be the Civil Rights Museum, and I’d encourage all people to visit this place because whoever mentioned this to me at Soar dinner was on to something. It sounds like a good place.

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