Podcast announcements

Dear readers,

With comments disabled, seems the wind of bad comments has blown down to zero. I’m happy about that. For those who want to comment, do so on Facebook and Twitter. I have a big announcement to make.

I’ve rebooted the Throne Room with Beth Taurasi, a show that comes on every so often every once a week.

Also, I will be interviewing and taking inquiry for interviewees on the podcast. Please see the website for details, that would be the main page where you found this blog.

If you are considered for interviewing or making an appearance on the podcast, just make sure you are good.

So what’s coming up? We have a five minutes for my friend John, an interview with a hip hop artist I know and love, and we’ll also have some serious stuff to talk about in the juvenile justice system. This is inspired by the new Sintoya Brown documentary, and I also will cover some structural racism in the mix. I’m planning a few different things: post Eid, I want a Muslim roundtable where I discuss my vision for Islam, where women can wear what they want, be with whomever they want, etc etc. Then, I plan to interview actual Muslim converts and born in the religion persons alike. So if you would like to help educate people about the peaceful aspects of Islam, about the idea of Islam being a legitimate religion, I want to hear from you. I can only have five people total in ann anchor recording, of course.

In the Thanksgiving week, a special surprise project will be discussed, and my buddy Rod will join us to talk about that special project he’s been working on. Of course, there will be a talk and discussion of his released works, and will he do more? Just tune in and find out.

With Thanksgiving, I will have a serious decoding of the mythical “pilgrims” who were actually Quaker and Puritan refugees, and decoding the relationships these settlers had with the Wampanoags, other tribal issues, and so on. Note that the Oneida and other Northeastern tribes have participated in the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade before, but there still needs to be a decoding of Native American relations with white settler folks who settled Plymouth Rock and the former Massachusetts Bay Colony, now known as a state in our great country. What I also want to discuss is the story we are not learning correctly. There’s also going to be something about the Salem Witch Trials, and I’ll include a book review there too. I have read several books about the Salem Witch trials, one fiction but based on letters, the other a nonfiction one with lots of historical sources used.

There’s going to be a lot there, so tune in.


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