Casting a video of 20/20 to my Roku and other weirdness

Dear readers,

What was I thinking? I watched Slender Man, and the movie, not surprising at all, got a bad Rotten Tomatoes rating. The reason I think was the high profile cases of Morgan Geyser and Anisa Wire, both found not competent to stand trial last I checked, and their supposed sacrifice they tried to make on behalf of Slender Man, who is a fictional character. I’m kind of glad those girls were not found competent, but for Peyton Lightner, their victim, I’m happy she survived, but the lesson here is that parents should be very careful of what kids see on the Internet, but truth will set you free as wel.

I’d like to leave a message for Peyton Lightner in this blog. If you do find the blog and you see this entry in particular, I’m so sorry you can’t comment, but if you want, my website will go on the bottom of this post. For you Facebook friends who want to comment, use the thread on Facebook.

My message is this: Peyton, I’m super glad you survived. You are a survivor, and I could not imagine going through what you did. Just put this aside and when you have your own little ones, tell them to be on their guard all the time, don’t always believe what they see and hear on the Internet, and keep an eye on those things they get scared of. All kids have monsters under the bed, but it should only be a monster under the kid’s bed, not something that could kill the kid. When you become a mother, just tell them what you went through, and keep them clear away from all things Slender Man. Show them the headlines, the newspaper clippings, and the pictures in the news videos. Peyton, you are heroic, and one day, when you become Mom, I hope the future grandma will also be on hand to warn those little ones, the precious lives that one day you will have, about the dangerous myth that was almost the end of your life.

IF you want to see my website, Ms. Lightner, it is and you can hit me up on social media. I’ve followed your story because I found it so incredible that at least you survived, and I face demons every day. Thank you for your story and your survival. Hugs, and looking forward to helping spread the word that your life has value over a fictional creepypasta.


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