The Best Use of Investigations Right Now

Dear readers,

It has been brought to my attention that someone wants the FBI to investigate the things I wrote here in the blog. I’ve got news for you. The FBI’s resources are swamped, and not with petty things like a blog to investigate. The FBI’s resources are best spent on investigating hate crimes against people like Trenton, me, and other people who are considered minority groups. Then there’s the pandemic. THe FBI will not investigate this blog because it’s just plain and simple petty stealing of resources and false. The FBI and the anti-defamation League will investigate hate crimes against minorities, including the Jewish people, people of color who are LGBTQI+, and so much more. The next time you call the police wanting an investigation of someone’s writing, please hear me out. You’re taking away from groups that mean business and need protection such as the colored, disabled, and the LGBTQI+ who are more vulnerable to attack. I’m also including Muslims and feminist folks like Ilhan Omar. If anyone thinks this blog is a credible security threat, it’s only my opinions, but I also believe that the entitled ones who want this are not going to get it because even local police are swamped. Domestic violence calls could be on the rise in some communities because of the pandemic, so think before you act. Reflect on the people you least expect to have protection, and the FBI and police forces will not have time to investigate such petty reports because may I also add that a threat was made? Yes, I did write that a threat was made. THe FBI is a federal bureau of investigation, charged with investigating true federal white collar crimes. This blog is not slanderous and libelous as some will claim, and those claims are stupid and false. If anyone wants to comment, comments are disabled. Realize that permission does not need to be granted for the names to be mentioned. I mean, if that were the case, Trenton would have to be hidden behind a name like something such as John or Luke. I can’t get permission, reasonably so, from everybody who I have to write about. What the hell is the reblog feature for? I just reblogged one of Alice Wong’s posts, and Alice was only posting something from a lady in Malaysia, an author who has a lot more cred than most. I reblogged and her name came up.

Before you report like crazy any of the blog posts I will be writing in the future, think about who you are, where you are from, and do you know what laws you’re citing. I had an Australian woman report a post she had no business reporting, after all she did not study American civics in school or the law rather in the United States. I don’t take comments anyway that seriously because reporting a post for speaking the truth and denying that the screenshot exists is really the stupidest thing you could do. It’s a petty order to do anything like this.

To recap, before you report or beg your local police force to investigate any sliver o my blog, think about what you’re taking away. There’s that transgender colored woman down the street who has a threat against her for being who she is that needs protection from your entitlement. There’s a Jewish family that found a swastika on their car’s windshield and has had antisemitic comments spewed about them in the papers. There’s a disabled gay man who has just been kicked out of his parents’ house for the inevitable, being gay and disabled. There’s a young girl who is transgender whose parents want to turn her in, and she has been threatened again and again with abuse. There’s that Maori guy in New Zealand who might have to move again because someone is harassing him at his house. ANd for the Aussies out there, the Aborigine who fears for his life, his livelihood, and his job because someone either harasses him, his wife, or his child. Have empathy for the people you rob of the FBIs investigative resources, same with Scotland Yard and other investigative services in Australia and New Zealand and other places. I have to use those scenarios as examples, I don’t know of any Jewish guy with a swastika in his windshield, etc. But I do know that there was a Native lady in Arizona who had a slur written on her car against her. I won’t write it here because it’s a slur, plain and simple. Hint: it had nothing to do with a Powhatan princess. It was something worse, and I still won’t write it.

Hate crimes against brown and black people are also a problematic thing, so please, if you bother to read my blog henceforth, think about the people who truly need investigations and protection.


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