Quarantine Diaries Volume 2 for April 7, 2020

Dear readers,

I want to make something for the quarantine diaries this time. I’d like to document though that the governor of Colorado declared the stay at home order extended for two more weeks. I also echo Hailey’s concerns about people going to church, contracting corona virus, and either killing others or dying themselves. Churches must remain closed, and those who exempt churches from quarantine orders are not doing the world a favor, rather they are doing a disservice to the people. People are not replaceable, so please, if you are a church leader or a member of the clergy, close your doors and move worship online. There is tech that can help with this, so use your brains, use your resources, and move your stuff online. It may be of benefit to not only your congregants but others who want to know about your church or religious establishment. Corona virus doesn’t care if you believe in God or not, it just kills. So if you are ordered to stay at home, stay at home, and don’t do anything stupid, as the director of THS athletics once said. Now, on with a diary of quarantine and documentation of what is happening around my neck of the woods.

One woman reported on Facebook as she went to do her essentials that folks were sunbatheing at Washington Park in Denver. Am I missing something? Wash Park as we call it should probably fall under nonessentials, but then that might anger some. Social distancing and waring masks is important, for now at least. But there are many reports not only in Denver, but in other places, of people not following directives from government. Did you hear the one about the girl intentionally spreading corona virus and taking selfies while doing so? The police probably found her and arrested her for terrorism. That’s a bit extreme, but yeah.

As for me, I’m reading books I haven’t read in a while. Laura Ingals Wilder’s books remind me of a simpler day, but frontier women didn’t have voting rights, so that’s a bummer. Blind women didn’t marry, but Mary Ingalls should have. Ma should never have kept Mary in a rocking chair with empty memories in her mind of a time spent in Iowa. This was the late 1800s, but whatever. I still say Susan Oldknow for the win was the best example of a blind person in that kind of day. I like Susan’s spunk, and her courage. What was Mary doing in all that? Oh well.

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