St. Corona Is Not the Patron Saint of Pandemics: Common Weirdness with the Corona Virus Explained

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It’s kind of weird when I came closing in on research on some saints of pandemics and plagues, and I came across one very important piece of info. Catholics, note that Corona is not the patron saint of pandemics, rather she’s the patron saint of treasure hunters. However, recently in North Italy, they’ve been praying to her for guidance with the current corona virus pandemic that’s sweeping the earth. Unfortunately, St. Edmund or St. Brock are the ones to turn to and not St. Corona, as those other guys are actually patron saints of pandemics believed to save the world from the plague. Does anyone remember the black Plague? I remember it was carried by rats on ships, and humans presented some pretty gruesome symptoms. I won’t go into what those were, as it might scare some of you readers looking at those things. I’d rather you try looking the symptoms of black plague up elsewhere.

But getting back to Corona’s story, her name comes from a vision of two crowns, corona in Italian obviously, and it was for her and St. Victor, a soldier who was killed for his Christian faith. St. Corona herself was a martyr also, along with saints Felicity, Steven, and so many others. There are saints who died in old age gracefully like St. Catherine Drexel, who was raised a rich lady and brought hearing back to those who prayed for her intercession. I learned in St. Teresa’s school about saints and miracles, and we actually did a prayer project for a young girl with cancer, something I wish we would have done earlier for my buddy Cari. But I’m glad we still got Anni Funa’s cancer to go away, and there are those who believe in the power of prayer. Our librarian talked about this girl often, and Anni was able to recover from a brain tumor that was removed, and she still needed chemo. This was so many years ago, and little Anni was four.

Now, here’s a myth, a common issue people are conspiring about. In the tech world, we had a 5g tower or two fall to a bad arsen fire in the UK. People, 5g doesn’t cause corona virus, but it could cause radiation affected cancers. I don’t, however, agree that burning the 5g towers was a good idea. The 5g towers were supposed to bring speedy connections to folks who had 5g phones. Now, someone will pay for the reconstruction of those towers, which take a lot of hard work to build. Please note that Corona virus is caused by a microscopic virus, not a tower for tech companies. However, nothing wrong with getting a break and unplugging from a lot of tech every so often. With social isolation and distancing the norm, however, please use caution and still connect via videochats. See Videochats 101 in this blog for details on the easiest ways to connect.

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