Is Jared Kushner Worth America’s Time?

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Discrimination occurs every day in the communities at large. But most importantly, civilization has lost its lust for finding good places to live that are uniquely theirs. I want to point to the … well, what Eric Schlosser called the “McDonaldization of America.” But have you heard of Kushner Residences? There’s an episode of Dirty Money about this chain of residential housing units owned and operated by Jared Kushner, the so called patron saint of unqualified white men. I don’t suggest here that all white men are unqualified but there are unqualified men in every group. So let’s move on.

Jared Kushner, who is he? I knew he was Ivanka Trump’s husband, but why? The Kushners and the Trumps are recent features in a book called, you guessed it, American Oligarchs. So why do we as a democracy concern ourselves with Oligarchs? Maybe because they are either dangerous or cool to stare at when the time comes.

So who is Jared Kushner? Not only is he the Jewish husband of Ivanka Trump, daughter of Donal Trump, but he’s also a bad name when it comes to his business in housing. Kushner’s residential buildings all over the country have tenants and people reporting every manner of bad things happening. I don’t think it’s a corporate issue at the bottom, but it mirrors a lot of fast food national corporate culture. Kushner is to bad apartment buildings and tenants reporting weirdness in their buildings like leaky faucets and ceilings as McDonald’s and Wendy’s are to bad food practices, cattle abuse, and a myriad of other meat packing issues surrounding the fast food industry. Schlosser’s book Fast Food Nation might have been written twenty or nineteen years ago, but he’s right about one thing. We’ve been McDonaldized. Not only in the food service industry, but in residential apartments and buyouts. Kushner’s companies are crashing down but here’s something else: he declined to be interviewed for the Dirty Money episode. The residents who spoke on that episode were afraid of being evicted and retaliated against because they reported all this bad maintenance in their buildings. I don’t remember half of what they said, but one guy or gal reported a problem with her ceiling leaking. Imagine you had water dripping all over your mattresses and furnishings. That would gross me out if it was acid rain or something worse. We had similar problems here, but I think since Rose Communities bought the building, there has been efforts to make the place upgraded and seemingly more luxurious compared to other places. I’ve been living at Juanita Nolasco for 10 years and seen my share of problems, but it has become a Rose place, and Rose Communities in New York has standards for all the buildings, which on paper seem like a good sound byte. I’ve received new things here, but at Kushner’s apartments, nobody seems cared for. Yes, my managers are cool compared to those running the Kushner places. These apartments are not necessarily HUD or low income according to the episode I saw on Dirty Money on Netflix. But the tenants were being exploited financially and all that. One mother had a judgment against her, and lived at a Kushner building, and she reportedly had to pay up too much money, and she had no money for herself and her children. Kushner obviously has no empathy for this woman and countless other tenants reporting bad things happening at their buildings. Taht’s the summary of the episode of Dirty Money. Honestly, I’m glad Jared Kushner doesn’t own my building, and I don’t want him doing so because even though the Kushner family had stock in so much, they squandered it and tried to buy back what they could on the backs of the poor and downtrodden like the mother in the episode. I don’t know who finds Jared Kushner qualified to own buildings and exploit folks, but I hope his residential empire falls like all regimes fall. I wouldn’t want to live in a place where the ceiling leaked, for flies could infest my apartment. We had a bee fly up here, but somehow the exterminators took care of that. We had bugs in our windows, but then again, we share the world with the insects, so we have to be careful which ones we have to kill and which ones we can’t. Butterflies are fine, but ants? Bees? No.

I don’t also want to live in a building where half the walls are not painted, where construction is half done, where dust and dirt fall from the ceilings, mind the leaky part, but name a construction flaw and you got what Jared Kushner’s tenants had to deal with. Kushner thinks he can also be in charge of the world’s stockpile of masks and respirators and such, but who among men is more qualified? Probably someone with an M.D. degree. Dr. Fauci, if you read this, I’m all over this. You are amazing, but Jared Kushner is something else.

I want to dedicate this post to the ones who have been scarred for life after living in the Kushner empire. For those who think Jared will ascend to the throne and bar people from speaking, I think it won’t happen. God’s justice does wonders. To the single moms and tenants who’ve been hurt by the Kushner family financial stuff, take heart. You will get your day and karma’s going to come after those who exploited you.


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