Quarantine Diary Volume 1: April 2, 2020

Dear readers,

Like many of you, I’d like to capture what has happened over the last two weeks in the Corona Virus pandemic that started with a Chinese wet market merchant customer who ate something awful. It’s not the fault of my friend Iris and countless Chinese and Vietnamese Americans, but that’s neither here nor there. This blog from this day forward will have a quarantine diary heading in the title, followed by a word snapshot of what is going on in my neck of the woods, so readers, keep on your toes and read along with this snapshot because it’s further important than anything else. Yes, there will still be a Carol Spinney project due sometime in the near future, as done by Hailey, and she will contribute this wonderful work along with me, her editor and the admin in this blog. However, I think blogs are a good source of snapshots of America during this time. Why am I doing this? Well, imagine an archaeologist from three thousand years later finds this, and studies it. What do you want the sociologists of the future to see? Well, I have seen my share of hurricanes, natural and humanmade disasters, and so much of my life is spent trying to tirelessly advocate for others with disabilities, but then I’d like to do snapshots of shadows in history, things like the corona virus. So let’s start with the point zero.

It all started with a bat. The wet markets in China were known for unsanitary conditions, and yes, I saw the bird flu thing. I read a National Geographic article on said subject. And I learned that viruses have sex. Crazy, but true. They swap information and mutate and the product of mutation is what we have right now. #Covid19 and SARS and MERS are all mutations of some sort of virus that had sex with another virus. Boy, that scares a lot of people, but viruses do mutate and transform so that vaccines don’t stop them. That is why we in America need a better healthcare system than we have now. We need to give every citizen top notch healthcare, and without for profit insurance companies getting in the way of people like a friend in Ohio who is pregnant and could have a high risk pregnancy because she has a possible uteran cancer, a possible heart condition and other things. We need to take care of our high risk women, black and white, the same way we do our rich women who don’t have high risks associated with pregnancy. I don’t want to see that friend of mine’s baby girl without her mommy, so please, America, take better care of her. Whether she owns businesses or does nothing, she knows what to expect.

In any case, what will I do with this entry? Well, let me take a word portrait of what is happening right now at this very moment in time, so that you, the reader can get a grasp of how bad it’s gotten.


I just received a notice on my apartment front door. It says that visitors are not allowed, and families and nonessential visitors are no longer allowed to just come here. This is a Rose Community decision, and nonessential does not include delivery folks, thankfully. We need folks like that to drop on by and put food in our fridge, and I’ve gotten a few deliveries from the Franciscans, and they’re pretty nice about it. The guy who delivered one of my lunches was Catholic, but since I was born that way, I could relate to his charitable offering. Yes, Catholics should offer their charitable giving more than ever, even if there are those who can’t. Yes, the Vatican should give of their riches, even the Pope would say so. The Pope Francis is amazing, let me say this. I still follow the Pope on Twitter, but I’d work with the dude if I had to.

The nonessential visitors, though. They’re not allowed here, and Rose Communities made that decision, to protect the communities, especially mine, and I paid my rent online.

Hopefully, my manager gets the check soon, and it goes to the property sooner, I don’t want anything to go wrong, but if it does, I’ll attach an extra 5 on the next rent because yeah. Late feees suck, but online checks are the only way we can pay without exposing others and ourselves to Corona Virus. Lots of online retailers and grocery delivery people need our backing, too.

I’d like to take another moment and dedicate a paragraph or two to the ones on the front lines. IF you’re a nurse and reading this, I see you. You need all the help you can get fighting Corona Virus at its worst. You need all the help caring for patients with ventilators, and I hope we have enough to help my baby survive. I’m talking about my partner, and his bout with the flu was not something to play with. If you’re a doctor or nurse reading this, please, please note that I give my gratitude to you and all the good works you’re doing to save this country and most importantly, the human race. We don’t need this right now, neither does anyone else.

Thank you so much for reading this, everybody. I want to let everybody know there are going to be rules for commenters on the blog, and they will be posted below:

  1. No threats or trolling.
  2. No hate speech.
  3. Do not comment if the comment does not line up with what the topic is or what the blog stands for.
  4. Do not comment if your comment could be seen as spam, see above rules for exactly what is unacceptable.
  5. Please feel free to put links in your comments if you want to show me resources, but those resources could be subject to fact checking.
  6. Please feel free to offer only constructive criticism, as being a writer, I want to get better, but I don’t want cut downs.
  7. Do not talk down to me about my disability or other problems I might have at the moment.

Those are the rules, so please, read this and follow the rules posted here. I am happy to have readers along for this journey, and as for the quarantine diaries, they won’t happen every day.


Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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