My Game confession: Audio Pong by Dusk Light Pro, Something You Should Play Too

Dear readers,

First and foremost, no comments are allowed here on this blog directly, but through other means such as Twitter and Facebook. Secondly, I want to call your attention to a great piece of software I have come to think is awesome on my Macintosh and iPhone, but this is also good for android and Windows too. Meet Audio Pong by Dusk Light Pro, AKA Purple Jam Audio, website will be posted below. It’s a pretty simple game of pong, so if you remember playing this in an arcade or you played pingpong, please check this out. The game objectives are simple: you are playing an audio version of pingpong, and you have to be the paddle. For the smartphone versions of this game, you use the right and left sides of your screen as the areas where you hit the paddle. For your pc and Mac versions, you use your right and left arrow keys to do much of everything in the audio pong game. First things first, gestures and keystrokes control the whole game, and you guys should download this game for one pound and 99 pence UK, or that translates to $2.59 U.S. which I did. Please use PayPal when you purchase the game. The smartphone versions are available in your app stores, either Google Play for android or simply App Store for Apple. It is a very great game, and the opponents are pretty wicked, meaning they are pretty amazing. I actually managed to win against two of my opponents, and the backgrounds change on you every time. Something else to keep in mind: the whole game is binaural so you’re totally immersed in the pong game and you get zapped into a whole new world while playing this. I’d like to thank my partner Trenton for hooking me up and getting me in turn addicted to this awesome thing. Please note that the designers of this game recommend you wear headphones, because yeah, you want the sounds to go to precise areas between right and left ears, and the goal is to score as many as you can. I will not spoil the opponents for you, so please go to the following website and check out this game. For everybody’s safety and security, again you must use paypal to purchase the games for your computers, but the smartphone apps are easy to purchase. Just pay for it through your respective app store.


P.S. Got any questions, follow Dusk Light Pro on Twitter, and note that this developer is easy to work with and responds within a good time if you have any questions or problems.

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