How to Help Children Solve Problems: Dragonland Through the Ages

Dear readers,

This one’s for the parents out there whose kiddos are familiar with Dragon Tales. How many of you guys are familiar with the fears and emotional things that kids have and all the television shows that claim to have the answers? Well, Dragon Tales doesn’t have the answers, only that there are many ways to solve a problem. Such a thing could be applied to math problems as wel as the typical social conflicts, bar none. Dragon Tales’s origins came from the retired educator Ron Rodecker, who was drawing dragons while recovering from a quadruple bypass surgery to treat heart diseases. The dragons for him were a way of depicting the fears of all things, including death, not succeeding, etc etc. Someone was inspired by those drawings, and those drawings became the show we all knew and loved, Dragon Tales.

So you might be wondering, what the hell is the show about? Well, let’s break it down so we can all get a good understanding of that show. Emmy and Max find themselves in many adventures in Dragonland, and each tale takes place in this land of dragons and other such creatures. The children are six, in Emmy’s case, and four, in Max’s case. Now, think about it. Kids love imagination, so dragons are part of that imagination. Cassie is one of the dragons in the stories, and she’s all confident, and sometimes a bit timid, shy, quiet, whatever. There are other characters in the story, but my favorite one happens to be Cassie, I call her little Miss Confidence. You can watch Dragon Tales on YouTube, as the PBS syndication ended years ago, but it’s worth a watch. It actually should be duly noted that Dragon Tales received lots of grants and federal funding as kids were not only educated, but entertained. Dragon Tales reminds me of something that we all have to overcome, fears and handicaps. There are several disabled characters in this show, but the messages are more positive than most TV shows we sometimes watch. There’s a blind unicorn, a paralyzed dragon that can’t necessarily fly around, and there’s an elderly character that makes an appearance. IF your kids love a bit of imagination, they should totally invest their time in watching Dragon Tales. Note to adults: don’t make your children watch the torturous youtube poops because it just doesn’t work that way. Dragon Tales is a show I’d recommend for all kids, regardless of disability or whether they have a fear of snakes, spiders, whatever. These dragons know how to teach children confidence, emotional and social skills, and many other things that some kids’ TV shows fail at, and I’m talking to you, Teletubbies. No offense, but some of those preschool shows are quite annoying, but I’ll have to give Dragon Tales a good rating and I would hope that Watch Mojo has it ranked.

Thank you all for reading this blog entry. If you have any ideas, please comment here.


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My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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