As Crazy As This Gets: Why Women Must Take Leadership Seriously

Content warning: strong language and sensitive subjects.


Dear readers,

It is with great pride that I say, well, I’m a leader. Please do not say to any woman or girl that she is “bossy” or “a bitch.” Please note that I’m neither. I’m a leader, and there’s a good reason why. We have guys like Courtland Sykes who think women should be traditional homemakers, and honestly, though I like to cook when I get the chance, I don’t want to make that a career. And I certainly won’t make dinner for the first guy who asks.

Let’s think though, and pray and meditate about this. Career women are indeed good people, and there are plenty of good and bad people on both sides of the aisle. However, there’s one dude you have to watch out for.

Nathan Larson is a self professed “insole”, involuntary celibate man” and a white supremacist, a pedophile, and worst of all, an advocate for repealing the nineteenth amendment. We in the Denver women’s chorus worked so hard on this and we won’t stop upholding the amendment but this guy? He wanted to repeal it. He believed women were to be as property, first of their fathers, and then their husbands. This is antiquated thinking, and we must make sure the guy doesn’t rise up, and Wikipedia has responded very well to Nathan’s editing and weirdness regarding women as property by banning him from wikimedia pages. He’s been repeatedly blocked and banned from a lot of sites, and just because he ran for government office, that doesn’t make it okay for him to think this way, write this way, or even worse, keep going in the usual I hate women way. He doesn’t think women should vote! What does that say about our politics today?

I’ll tell you what it says. It means that Mr. Larson and Mr. Sykes can both go down as commanders of Gilead, and they can totally rot somewhere. I won’t say where, exactly, but shouldn’t there be a law in place that says what public service is and isn’t? Here are the qualities of a good public servant, and please read carefully because Nathan Larson and others like him do not fit the bill.

  1. A public servant serves all the people. This includes minorities, women, people of different races.
  2. A public servant does not have viewpoints that endanger the lives of females, minorities, and other groups, including those with disabilities.
  3. A public servant is not someone like Donald Trump, who takes millions and doesn’t care what happens. Even if his daughter Ivanka has a fashion line, it doesn’t matter. She wonders why her fashion and perfume lines have plummeted with regards to sales.
  4. A good public servant does not endanger people’s lives where all things are concerned, including during pandemics and war. Are you reading this, President Trump? You endangered our lives and forced the economy to shut down. Our country is at war with a virus thanks to you calling it a hoax.
  5. A good public servant works with others of differing views, but cautions those views regarding women and other things as dangerous. I would work with Republicans, but not on viewpoints that are abhorrent to women and girls, including if someone wanted to make polygamy legal and such. In Utah, the view of polygamy there is fresh on my mind. But if I were a public servant, I’d never ever want to kiss a man’s ass for anything. Not even if he told me to.
  6. A good public servant acknowledges the religious views of all around them, and without begging the question of why they believe what they believe, they simply work with the other side of the religious aisle. Yes, Evangelicals, but there is a catch. If Evangelicals want an end to gay rights, I certainly will say, I can’t work with that. If a radical anabaptist person wants me to ban transgender folks from attending school and church and among other things, diminish their rights to sports and other recreation, I’m going to say, this is outrageous and I can’t work with that. However, I would acknowledge scripture that actually promotes love of all neighbors, and Jesus would never, ever, ever want to exclude people. If he were the son of deity, not the son of man, he’d be coming back. However, in scriptures, he is himself called the “son of man”, and his mother was a woman called Mary. Her Aramaic name being Mariam, this woman came to this world “without sin” according to the Catholic scriptures. However, there is a catch to what Jesus would have done had he actually come back. Imagine Jesus finding Evangelical hate preachers on the street. He’d shout at them to get gone, and he’d also tell the hateful ones they are not worthy of him, period. Just like in the Scriptures and Bible stories, Jesus would include transgender, gay, lesbians, and other kinds of people seen as unworthy of him because of who they are by the Evangelical establishments. A good public servant would acknowledge this.
  7. A good public servant has no major criminal record. This would mean Nathan Larson would not be allowed to do public service in government because of his dangerous agenda. He lost the election in Virginia, and now he doesn’t have custody of his daughter by a prior ex spouse, who he admitted raping. He wants to end the Violence Against Women Act. Or he wanted to, but thank God he can’t do public services, and he won’t. It’s kind of hard to do things when you’re blocked and your websites are taken down, right?
  8. A good public servant does not target others for telling the truth. Jud Dwire (name has been changed) and George Winslow (name has been changed) are both guilty of this, targeting me and this blog for telling the truth. I personally can’t agree to take any posts down from this blog regarding those men because they agree with dangerous viewpoints on police brutality, women, and other things. If they associate with conservative views, their view of women is called into question. Would you vote for Nathan Larson or these other guys? I wouldn’t, because public service should be for someone with empathy, poise, and concern for victims of violent targeting such as what I experienced. See below.
  9. Empathy makes a good public servant, and that is more important than anything. Mr. Larson doesn’t have empathy for his ex spouse, who committed suicide after the birth of their daughter. He showed little to no empathy in his political agenda, and some of his writings are pretty scary to say the least when it comes to women and white supremacy. We can’t have white supremacy in government, period. That means David Duke would not make a good public servant because his agenda speaks loudly, “I have no empathy for blacks.” While it is important for all humans to live in harmony with each other, it is also important for all children to learn that whatever color they are, they must have empathy for that color of skin, curl in hair, whatever weird trait the child might have. Let’s move on.
  10. A good public servant uses their personal story to inspire and not cut others down. I bet Nathan Larson wasn’t sexually abused as a child, and neither was Courtland Sykes. Either of these dudes were brought up by good and caring families, but why they broke and started having these weird viewpoints I’ll never understand. Larson’s story is neither inspiring or motivational, not in any way, except if women don’t speak up, he’ll try to end their rights. The Handmaid’s Tale could open its wide and ugly mouth to the nation, and we’d be swallowed up in Atwood’s book instead of our own reality. Nathan and Courtland are both men who should be considerably clueless as to how their stories don’t inspire. My story, however, does inspire. I spent fifteen years of my life trying to fight guardianships and have spent another few other years being targeted by trolls, hate speech ones. My public service may not be in government, but I would hope that Jud and George leave me alone and pursue their own states’ public offices, and I would watch as they both lose the election.

These are the ten things that make a good public servant, and yes, there are asides. However, when you vote in the November election, you must take this into account. Known bigots should not be voted for, including white supremacists and ableists. You should do your best to keep the Trumpists out of office, and we need to dismantle the administration’s rights to end transgender rights period. Reason? Transgender rights are human rights, and so are women’s rights. A woman has every right to say to her husband, “Don’t touch me because I’m ill” as well as “Fuck you, you’re being a total nasty ass and I have every right not to obey you.” Women do have a place, and that is on the rostrum, on the top of the pyramid, at the top of every business and so on. Please take this into consideration when voting, and when you vote, your vote has the power to change this world.


Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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