Is God the Culprit for the Corona Virus? Or is He Sending Plagues? Let’s See what Science Says

Dear readers,

While Egypt was where the Hebrew people were enslaved, and while God in the Bible did send ten plagues to Egypt for enslaving his people, should we truly believe that God is turning this country toward Him? I personally disowned God a while back because of a few different things. For one, the doctrinal differences between Christians is interesting, but some doctrines are dangerous. The book of Genesis justifies the use of hatred and tools against LGBTQI+ groups, especially when God commands the people in the bible not to “lie with a man as one lies with a woman” in the case of men. This is sadly a savage view of the world, that the world is straight and that gay folks shouldn’t be who they are. I’m a staunch ally of the gay community, and the misinformation about Corona Virus is astounding, especially when it comes to militant faith based reasoning versus the science that health experts are talking about.


  1. First off, the virus is a microscopic package of proteins that invades cells. Viruses basically hijack your cells, eating through the DNA of the cells and doing crazy stuff before dying themselves. For instance, cold viruses do this often to everybody. As I type this, I have a slight stuffy nose. Ugh. But I know where the stuffiness comes from, and it’s not corona virus.
  2. The virus we’re talking about is a virus that originated in an unsanitary wild animal market in Wuhan in the Hubay province in China. China was where it started, but it wasn’t a conspiratorial plan to wipe us off the map because we don’t believe in God etc. I came across a post that said that God closed everything so we’d have to worship Him. Well, that’s a bit militant and religiously ill informing for the people whose loved ones are dying of this pandemic.
  3. Some people place blame on gay culture for the virus. Anything they say to get rid of the gay community is bogus, bunk, and totally not what science is saying. Everybody, even gay folks, is practicing social distancing and doing their thing.
  4. Stay at home orders are for your safety and the safety of your friends and loved ones. For example, Governor Jarred Polis ordered a statewide stay at home order so the healthcare system is not overwhelmed. However, Trump is ordering churches and the economy be open by Easter. Ugh. This shows he only cares about profits and gold, not human lives. He himself could get the virus, and all I can say is, if he does and has to be on a vent, it better not be at the cost of my partner’s life.
  5. Unfortunately, the misinformation is in numbers. I don’t want to listen to President Trump go on and on about how great this country is anymore. I want to be able to do things as much as anybody else does, but because someone didn’t clean the wild animal market in Wuhan, we’re all staying home. This pandemic is a disaster for our economy, and I’m not going to be surprised if Waffle House is no more because they can’t afford to pay their workers. But what I will do is listen to the health experts, and Dr. Fauci, the guy from CDC, is the man. He knows better than our own President, which is sad. Trump ain’t no medical expert, and it’s sad because if he was, he’d bilk patients out of money because he’s just like that.

Science says that there is indeed a God particle, but God did not make that virus to make us worship Him, or force the country to get rid of gays etc. I feel that whatever deity you worship, the virus was there to begin with, living in the wild animals in Wuhan, and the unsanitary conditions at that market obviously made everything a problem. And one so called conspiracy I’ve heard is that China wants to be richer than us, but boy the world is slowing down and the Great Depression number 2 is upon us. Here’s something I want politicians to know and understand: I as a blind woman don’t want to be left behind. Death can leave me where I am right now, and I’m fine with that. But the way you guys and the militant faith based crap conspiracies go, well, how do I put it? Don’t push faith on someone who doesn’t want it, and don’t tell me an all powerful El or whatever god you worship demands we worship him. I can’t do this because of a church I attended in Adams County, Colorado. It is horrible, just horrible the way things went down. I still can’t get Tony walsh’s words out of my head, the false conviction that Trenton and I wouldn’t last at all. What pastor says that? And what associate pastor does this sort of thing to someone to intimidate them into not being with someone else? Grace Community Church in Denver was not welcoming to Trenton, which makes me sad, and it totally blew my mind what these folks were thinking. The only one who dared care was Elizabeth McKenzie, and for this I’m grateful she even cared. But everybody else? No, I don’t talk to anyone else. I can’t talk to everybody else, and I will not stand for religious militant actions taken against me or Trenton for anything we want to do. Sex is not a sin, and marriage is too costly for blind individuals. This applies especially if you have SSI and food stamps and stuff. And if your family held your rights hostage. Look, my friend Clayton’s doing his own hustling thing, and I am proud of him for that. He’s doing the best he can with little money he has, but selling his Mac was the worst decision, in my humble opinion, that he could have had to make, and I understand it was a heartbreaking decision. But he had to get back to Arizona. So he sold the mac, and it’s harder for him to do his job without it. Blind money records needs all the support it can get, especially during this trying time in the world spotlight. Corona virus ain’t gonna stop me from singing a song, loving my life, and loving my partner. There you go.


Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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