Child indoctrination In Children’s Television: How Does It Work and Does It Have Value?

Dear readers,

If you’re a parent with children, you know you want what is best for them, but have you stopped to think that religious indoctrination could be hurting your children? I have a few examples of the thing I’m talking about. ANd it’s not so blindingly obvious, but some of it is. Before I get any further, I’d like to say at the end of this post is a commendation for Sesame Workshop for its work with children in Syria. Please read on.

Veggie Tales ranked number 8 on the Watch Mojo list of children’s shows parents find annoying. Honestly, I agree with this placement, but for a totally different reason than what Mojo said. Veggie Tales is supposed to be a bearer of biblical messages to children, but it doesn’t truly tell the Bible stories in a prudent way. How many famlies have washed their hands of this show? How many haven’t? For those who think Veggie Tales is a good thing, it can be somewhat comforting when someone believes that “God is bigger than anything”, but it could prepare children’s brains for something worse. Children in some Christian households are raised to believe that LGBTQI+ individuals are committing a terrible sin, which is no longer true by the legal codes in the United States. Though there are countries that ban homosexuality and homosexual relationships, honor should not depend on being straight. Kids who watch Christian programming when they are young do not show empathy to those groups, especially if the parents model that behavior. My good friend caught the family indoctrinating the children with stories of the bible more advanced than Veggie Tales. While there are cute songs in the show, there’s a hidden message that could advance itself and make itself known when the child grows older.

It’s not just Christians who have this kind of thing going on. Many years ago, a cartoon mouse sang Hammas anthems and taught about Islamic jihad, something dangerous for national security. This show was later banned, and for good reasons. Why aren’t the Christian messages in kid shows being banned? Public television should not single out one religion over another.

I lied, I’m giving two commendations. For one, Sesame Workshop is a great educational empire that has provided comfort and support for children in all kinds of circumstances, including refugee displacement like that going on in Syria. The Sesame crew put together a show in Arabic for the Syrian kids who are dealing with refugee status and resettlement.

Arthur is a really good television show that teaches all kinds of things, including the episode when Mr. Ratburn gets married to a male partner. People thought it was controversial, but even though Alabama banned the episode, shame on them, this episode is worth watching.

Thanks to public television, kids everywhere will get educated during this tough time. However, it is not the only thing that educates children. Parental modeling is highly vital.


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