Timeline of Last Night’s Events

Dear Readers,

Last night, I received a threatening notice by phone from a woman in a 719 area code. It was threatening and rather intimidating, and illegal. First and foremost, anyone who attempts this kind of behavior will have consequences, and those consequences are simple. You’ll get a post written about this incident if it occurs. I could not sleep for hours, and tried everything from watching the Handmaid’s Tale to reading a favorite book, but it wouldn’t help with sleep. Guys, if you’re going to threaten me, tell me your name and where you live. The other thing is that if you call me and I don’t know your number, except for therapists and important folks, I won’t answer. This is a rule I will have to make because threats are nothing to play with. Bigots who call and threaten those they want to target are not much worth my time. Just remember, threats of bodily harm or death or “extreme pain” as this woman purports to say she’ll do are not legal to make. This is called harassment. I was accused of sexual harassment in high school, but honestly, the parents and their strictness are to blame for this, and I brushed it all off over the years I’ve been here. No legal charges were brought against me in that area, and no legal charges will be brought again because I’m not in the same state as Jud and George, (names have been changed) and they can’t serve papers through the mail or without having to buy an expensive plane ticket. So there you have it. ANd with this virus floating around, killing people it wants to kill, we can’t afford to do this kind of thing to each other.

Let’s begin the process of unpacking what this woman in Avilar said. She claims to care about the individuals in the blog, but she doesn’t know what kind of things they are capable of. Jud is not capable of thinking highly of people, except his girlfriends, and jumps into bed with the next girl he finds interesting. I have legitimate reasons to b with my current partner, and we’ve been together for four years, but Olivia (name has been changed) needs more support. She has experienced Jud’s drinking problems, rages, etc., and I don’t think she could handle it. Sorry, but the way this guy approached me was wrong, so the woman’s threats were unwarranted and empty. If I get hurt while being out with my partner, it’s not my fault. There will be an investigation, and that investigation will likely yield results in my favor because white supremacy is not warranted in a society of diverse folks, blacks, Asians, etc. I have a partner who’s black, and I will stop at nothing to protect him, so don’t target me or him because you will likely become the next Jud or George. So there you have it.

Please understand that all people will be screened, all comments screened, and if the comment doesn’t fit the blog’s viewpoints and is disrespectful, it will be trashed. Targeting me will only get you a summons. Sorry to those who think it’s funny to do this, but it’s not. This isn’t kid stuff, sibling fights or high school. This is real adult life. And this time it will catch the white supremacist who wants to target me in the ass.


Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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