My Thoughts on the Covid 19 Pandemic

Dear readers,

In light of the situation with #covid19, I’d like to make a few statements. First and foremost, it’s a bad idea to socially distance yourself if the people involved are deafblind. I have a few friends like that who are hearing impaired and blind at the same time. Comorbidity is a problem in the disabled community, and this includes blindness and mentally psychotic symptoms. This also might include the three misinformative diagnostics tests that rendered me unable to work. However, the comorbid disabling conditions cause a lot to happen. In the disabled community, you might have a lot of depression, and the major depression that might need medication and therapy to cope is something that must be covered right now during #covid19. The reason? Sports and entertainment venues are shuttered, only libraries are open, but not everybody is bright enough to read or want to read a book. Some books are complete word salads, including the book about Jillian Eperly’s Jilly Juice protocol. Of course, there are right wing conspiracy books that I would never recommend because they are a word salad with too much to unpack. The Bible might be a book of wisdom, but the first few books hurt LGBTQI+ individuals, and I’m not about to recommend a book that says only a man and a woman can marry. Ugh.

Here are some books and things to do I’d recommend for passing the time in the #covid19 times we’re facing.


  1. Play games and card or board games with your family and friends. If you guys are all in the clear, please sit down and play some games. Uno is one such game, and I love playing it on or offline. You can also play board games like Candyland, Monopoly, and so many more. If blind, I would recommend playing the Braille versions of board games and such.
  2. Do not watch the news. But try watching a comedy like the Marvelous Mrs. Meizel, available on Amazon Prime video. You may have to pay a bit of money for it, but it is worth watching.
  3. Read the following books: The Handmaid’s Tale, the Testaments, all books by Anne McCaffrey, Margaret Peterson Haddix, or perhaps a thriller by Robin Cook, except for Contagion. Don’t get too freaked out about viruses but if you want to see a parallel between #covid19 and Cook’s novel, watch the movie Contagion. You’ll understand what I’m talking about, so watch Contagion, but if you insist on reading the book, read it too.
  4. You can also make your own food instead of going out, but that’s a given. You can order, unless you don’t have the money to, pizza and stuff like that. Note that if you buy me a pizza, I refuse any offer of pepperoni and sausage because my father would force all us kids to eat the crap while we had to be under his sorry roof. I won’t be eating that stuff anymore, and neither will I eat salad with Italian dressing. Don’t even send that to me as a joke, just don’t.
  5. You can play sports games on your gaming console, so that might help with depressing entertainment ratings. Of course, the economic impact of this virus is awful. This country could go to the dogs if we don’t stand up and do something to keep the ones who can’t running.

There are some guidelines I’d like to mention about #covid19. This will help your immune compromised friends and loved ones.


  1. Wash, wash, wash your hands, wash your hands with soap. Dry them out and let them sit, under the cool dry air. I’m not kidding. Do scrub like you haven’t scrubbed at all, but my mom jokingly would say it’s like preparing for surgery. So what? Just do it.
  2. Cover your mouth or nose when you cough or sneeze. Take your temperature if you have flulike symptoms.
  3. If your temp is over 99, stay at home. Don’t go anywhere, don’t try to do something stupid as my high school athletics director used to say.
  4. Read the books and watch the movies recommended above. Try not to laugh too hard. If you are hospitalized, do make sure you have a way to visit your loved one through the glass, but social distancing is not allowed for deafblind individuals.
  5. For Health care workers, wear gloves, masks, and gowns that don’t let the virus in. In other words, wear a Hazmat suit. Whatever. Whatever uniform you need, wear it. If you’re wearing gloves, great. But if you’re blind and want to try wearing gloves, trust me it’ll be like blindfolding a sighted person.

Be prepared for the corona virus outbreak with these guidelines and you’ll be fine. Please be respectful when commenting on how you are coping with this thing, and don’t get too overboard.



Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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