The Fraudster Who Wrote the Song???

Dear readers,

How many of you are fans of Johnny Cash? Yes, Johnny Cash, Ring of Fire fame. Johnny Cash, Johnny Paycheck, whatever. Old country aside, I have a warning for you all. Jason has discredited Jony Cash’s song Rose of my Heart as being his own. He passes songs off as his own, and it’s heartbreaking for the Johnny Cash estate. Johnny wrote that song for his wife then, June, and it was one of his last songs, along with the cover of Hurt, Solitary Man, and Everywhere. I’m sorry, but the only legitimate thing Jason really did was record himself having a sing off with Sarah McLachlan’s I Wish I Had a River I Could Skate Away On. Sounds awful, and it is rather awful. He also tried writing verses about both me and Caitlin and now, he replaced some of the recordings of us at our happier moments with recordings of him singing with drunk women. Ugh. But the passing off songs as his own writing is disheartening.

I’d like to say right now that I love Johnny Cash’s song, and I will forever never mistake Johnny Cash again for another singer. Johnny Cash had a great love for June Carter, and they were married for years and years until their passing after the cover of Hurt. When June and Johnny passed away, trust me I was heartbroken at hearing this. I thought their love story was worth hearing. It is not, however, worth telling Jason’s story over and over again anymore. And now that you know who truly did write the Rose of my Heart, and how lazy the fraudster who said he did it actually is, let’s move on. If you’d like to see a video of Johnny Cash singing Rose of my Heart, please look it up on YouTube Music. Or another source.


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