open letter to the president of the United States

Dear Donald Trump,

Notice I didn’t put the title you wrongfully earned in the top of this letter. I’d like to inform you that I and thousands and millions of others are clearly upset with you. We’re tired of your ants and antics regarding that stupid border wall. It’s not big and beautiful, it’s ugly and a sign of evil. It reminds me of a book I read called Messenger, in which the people of a village try to build a wall and throw out all the newcomers, only to be saved by someone young and strong who gives his life for that village. That, my friend, is a great book and you should consider reading it. It’s by Lois Lowry and it’s in the Giver series, but I’ve read the whole quartet. This book should give you an idea of what you’re doing, which is wrong, and the prophecy of the old world is written right there in the words of this book. Your border wall won’t last, I guarantee that. It won’t.

Another thing I’m clearly upset about is your retribution against those who don’t like you. Look, I don’t like you, but the only thing you did right by us blind people was to ratify the Marrakesh Treaty. You ratified the Marrakesh Treaty that gives us access to books not otherwise accessible to us. Why not tell the publishers of Kindle books to allow text to speech to read on Kindle for PC? I don’t want to hear, but it violates this or that law, or it will take money from them. No it won’t. We want books in our hands as much as you get the Bible in your evil hand, so give us the books. I’ll make this an ultimatum: give us all rights to read or you won’t be reading much anymore.

Another thing we want you to understand and start doing is developing empathy for others. You have zero empathy. Why? And why are you in a leadership position when you clearly have no backbone? You are forcing people to like you, and guess what? In the rules of universal friend making, that is against all the rules. I can’t force you to like what is written here in this letter, but someone has to tell you that if you don’t treat people with respect and dignity, you won’t get far. You insulted my community, insulted your way to the top, and you think you can get rid of people who don’t like or respect you. Well, that’s not right. You need to form attachments and have empathy to be in a leadership position. If you don’t have empathy, you will hurt someone. You already hurt me deeply by winning an election and insulting your opponents. You aren’t playing this game fair, and I see it all the time in sports and online gaming. So what if you played me in Monopoly? I bet I could bankrupt your sorry ass quicker by saying, boardwalk, park place. Yes, I could build hotels on those props, and you would like, well, should I say die? Should I say lose? You’d cry a bit more if you knew I bankrupted all my opponents in Monopoly, and earned the nickname “Miss Moneybags.” So what? I still choose my opponents well, and choose the opponents that actually play the game fair. My fiancé, Trenton, and I like to play games together, but I never call him a loser. We congratulate each other, but I always put in some good natured trash talk in the mix. You, on the other hand, don’t. Think of this election as a game. You lose? Well, if you lose, you have to congratulate your opponent, and go quietly. This is rather upsetting that you think insulting and making personal attacks on your opponents is a good idea, it’s not. As a woman, I wish Hilary had thrown a punch at you while she was walking out the door and said, you’re creepy and you don’t need to come to the next debate. I win fair and square, and you need to get off your high horse while you’re at it. Hilary is not crooked, so deal with it. Nobody’s more crooked than yourself. And the sad thing is that I’ve got friends who actually support the crookedness in your soul, which makes me sick.

If I were in your shoes, I’d get rid if Ken Cuccinelli because he’s a jerk, and misquoting the Statue of Liberty is bunk. I won’t have him excluding immigrants with disabilities for a green card. Let them get a green card. Do you know what alternatives there are for these people? None. They can’t stay in Mexico if they are violently attacked constantly, or if female, they are sexually abused. In India, females with disabilities are routinely denied an education because they’re disabled. You need to stop being so mean to these people, and let them come here. We were a nation built on immigrants. What the hell did you do a few generations ago? The Italians and Irish got here fairly and legally, escaping persecution, and the Italians in general came here because of life in Italy, and same with those in Ireland. Now it’s Africans you hate, but guess what? I’ve got an idea that might strike you as uncomfortable, but let the africans in and apologize for calling their countries “shithole countries.” I cannot tell you how many times the news went ballistic when you called them this, and couldn’t air the comment because it was so vulgar. You yourself are vulgar, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished I could just strike you when you weren’t looking, with words, books, and a lot of flowers that would put the baby to sleep. No, I don’t want bloodshed because of you, I just want you to shut up and stop running your mouth about others and foreigners. I admit that there are taxi drivers who drive me bonkers, but I have no right to call their countries a vulgar name and tell people that only Norway has acceptable immigrants. I don’t want Norwegian blondes in my apartment, okay? I want the ones no one wants, and if I were to become President, as I am two years shy the constitutional regulations, I’d make sure they can come, and that Ken the Jerk is booted out of this country and sent to Iceland. Yep, cold hard Iceland, where the Brave New World refugees are sent after they violate the laws of the Brave New World. They are rewarded sort of, but it’s a punishment nonetheless. You yourself should be punished for the border wall construction, and the drones that struck the Middle East Terrorists could soon one day strike at the White Terrorists who want my husband to be dead. I want to live in a safe country for all people, a safe country for women and girls and a safe place for me and my man and kids. I’m like June Osborne in the Handmaid’s Tale, who, spoiler alert, took many children away from Gilead to prove a point, and she and Luke eventually will meet. In person. I’m even more than June because I’m a real person, and June is a character in a book, but she can be very relatable. I don’t want to be impregnated by you and your ilk, so please stop being who you are and conform to the Constitutional regulations. If you win, that’s your last election and you have to go quietly. Don’t give me there will be civil war. There won’t. What there could be is a registry of hate groups, and MAGA will become a symbol of hate, as it already has become. It’s your stupid policies and laws that allow girls like Rebecca Strom Stewart to pilfer people like my buddy in Arizona who hates her. She is an aggressive woman who can’t even get any, and if you lose Melania, maybe you should marry her and you two get the hell out of the United States. Go somewhere like Siberia, Iceland, somewhere going north, pale, cold. Don’t come back to your resorts in Florida or New Jersey because we the country will turn them into places of refuge for women you’ve hurt, the Jeffry Epstein victims, so many more. We will turn your Bedminster home into a place where blind women can come and rest their weary heads, can escape abuse in a place where abuse is not welcome. Don’t do rallies in Colorado because we have a governor who can seriously kick butt.

Colorado, by the way, is off limits for your votes. You need to stop doing misinformation campaigns against everything from pop culture to the government to the number of folks at these ilk ridden rallies. Rebecca might attend one in Phoenix, so you go there and you guys can make out on the microphone and talk all you want to, but don’t show me any pictures of you guys naked in public. I don’t want to see either of you guys in public, not after Bernie Sanders wins. Because you know he will, he represents the little guy. Perhaps a woman will beat you too, and it will be like Hilary was redeemed. So Trump, do us all a favor and go quietly into the night. Don’t speak, don’t say a single word. Don’t talk against me, you don’t know how to shut your mouth. You know I’m angry as hell, you want to destroy Native American lives, and you can’t do that anymore. Not when the Democrats win. Which they will, and you’ll have to just go quietly into your little hut in Florida and get a whisky off the tap, and drink your worries away. We’re sorry, but this is what women want. We don’t want people to do things that are wrong, we want people to understand that all people are welcome in the United States, and the judges you appointed to the Supreme Court will be fired because they are crooked. Neil and Brent are just asking to be fired, and we don’t need extremists in the court.

Anyway, while I’m at it, you will have to watch the Handmaid’s Tale, a show on Hulu which depicts the book by Margaret Atwood. It’s a good book and show phenomenon that perfectly captures what you’re doing. Your administration hates women, emboldens people to be racist and even more racist you are, and allows people to kill my man without warrant or consent. The state of Colorado will not put up with your filth, so go quietly. Leave us, don’t talk anymore. Your misguided attempts to get reelected will fail. Your opponents will throw your lanterns aside and reveal who you really are.



Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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