Threats on Facebook? Don’t believe it.

Dear readers,

Recently, I found out what a frenemy, Caitlin, is up to. Unfortunately, Caitlin, AKA the “Rose of my Heart”, according to the named ex I’ve written about for what seems like ages, threatened a friend on Facebook, and is engaging with him. Caitlin is not as weak as one would think, but she has told me not to speak out against Jason, but first and foremost, it’s not just about one man. It’s about a disease that is plaguing our nation. This country is falling for racists, white Supremacists, and many other bad persons. First and foremost, I’m angry, but angry means good in my case. Nobody has the right to sit there and gaslight me or call me misogynistic bullshit names like, for example, loonbag. That’s done and over and won’t be tolerated. Caitlin R. Herron is a dangerous character and is weaker because of Jason. She’s been hanging out with him online forever and a day now, and threatened a friend on Facebook, who I won’t name for her privacy reasons. This friend reported her page and the page has been locked so she can’t send messages. Please beware the threats that might come after any of you, the ones who actually give a care in the world. The threatening notices from Caitlin do not add up, and I personally shrugged and figured she’d blocked me on Facebook. Maybe she should take a look at what she’s doing to contribute to the problem of abuse in the disabled community. There’s too much infighting and worst case scenarios, cutting each other down. Jason and Caitlin can’t be together, not at all, and people who assist him obviously don’t get it. Why would I want to assist someone who encourages infighting and incoherence in the disabled community? Here’s someone you should back up. Read the information below.

Clayton Jacobs, a talented rapper and songwriter, leader, activist, probably more if you look, is someone I have been backing forever. Clayton and I have a good relationship, just a friendship, okay, peoples? He’s been fighting Trump, fighting everything that the bad boys stand for. Clayton invented a way to make currency accessible, but received no credit for his invention at all. He’s a talented musician, rapper, songwriter, probably a poet, and even moreover, a political activist who’s trying to change the world. It’s people like him who are desperate to get the community together to fight the bad guys, kick some serious butt, and move us through progress, equality, rights for all. He did a song under the name Esoteric Quality, which the name sounded good, but it didn’t work out. Nobody is listening to his message, and I encourage all of you to listen to his latest rap song on YouTube. Even more, he struggles, just like most of us do. He understands what it is like under the social security system, what it’s like to have a power play against him in the justice system and custody disputes and all, he’s a wise young man but I wish he was a lot older. Nothing personal, just he’d look the part if he was 80, but his soul has already reached that age. Clayton is a true hip hop artist, doesn’t steal songs and verses for himself or discredit other artists, and doesn’t commit abuse or fraud. Clayton needs our backing, and I believe not only does he need our backing, but other people do as well. I could never rap as well as he does, honestly, and I could sing but he sings good too. However, I want everybody to back Clayton’s work. He’s been working on a new website, and I will have the details here in this blog. Just make sure you tune in.

As for the people he despises, Clayton doesn’t support Trump, and it’s people like my x, Clayton’s former friends in Arizona and many others who make this country not so great. What makes it great is the diversity of people who come here, not the billionaires or the supremacists who insist that blacks are not humans. It’s the people who contribute good to this country, people who make this country strong, but right now, we still have misogyny, and we still have sexist jokes and remarks made about us women because men are jerks. NOt all men, as I’ve profiled a man who is not a jerk. My significant other iis no jerk, though he does say he is sometimes, I guess he grovels a bit too much. However, Trenton is not a jerk. He never did anything wrong, never abused a living thing in his life, and I’m glad we found each other on Twitter. So you all need to back someone who contributes good. Myself, Trenton, Clayton, my other friends who read this blog without question, and not the people who are trying to threaten my friends’ lives.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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