Where’s All Your Evidence?: The Finale Which Could Bring Us to a Trial

Dear readers,

My life is not that miserable, and the troll called Marshmallow asked for evidence of my accusations. Well, there’s no need to ask about that because there’s evidence of many attacks on females with disabilities within families that goes unbelieved and unheard because of family concerns about ripping the family apart. My parents wanted me to shut up about guardianship so they could hide their true nature, the abusive pattern of emotionally cutting me down as a blind female. If you want evidence of my ex, Jason Owens’s wrongdoing then you need to first look at the stats on females with disabilities, ask Jason what he did and to admit that what he did and how he feels and what he does based on how he feels is wrong, and you also need to understand the reasons why he’s not in jail, and I’ve reported this a million times but nobody believed me. Nobody heard my voice, until Jason sent me a threatening email that has since been deleted and it’s long overdue for deletion anyway. The email said to stay away from his then girlfriend Jennifer and that he was “coming for” me. Whatever that means, that is exactly why Jason is not welcome to do anything at all pertaining to me. I want to be believed and in my kind of world, females with disabilities would not be subjected to this trolling behavior. I am not trying to ruin Jason’s life, he did himself by ruining girls with disabilities and targeting me and my friends for harassment and bullying of all kinds, and telling me and my friends to stop talking to me or other friends. Is that a nice thing to do? In kindergarten, we learn how to make friends and we also should be learning to judge character, not looks. However, we also learn some pretty stupid societal crap: girls wear pink and boys wear blue, for example. Or, girls are quiet, and boys are daring. We also pick up things about people throughout grade school, but kindergarteners oftentimes have better judge of character, even of their own teachers. Kids in k-12 schools are trying to make a bigger diference in this world too, especially in high schools. Look at the kids at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, and what they went through. It’s guys like Jason who make me wonder how the MSDHS students can keep kicking and screaming, “End gun violence.” It’s guys like Jason, whose personality is morphed to that of a high school senior or even a freshman, who never graduated and yet why I fell for him, I’ll never understand. But I’d take one of the things that an MSDHS student might say about the situation stated here. It’s guys like him who could potentially rape someone, attack a school, or kill a bunch of minorities. Georgia is ruled by whites, yet there are so many blacks in the population. Stacey Abrams is a very ardent voting rights activist who will one day pop some serious buttocks in Georgia and maybe even take over the world, so that guys like our questionable subject herein will shut up and stop making fun of mentally disabled/ill people, disabled people and so on. And by the way, the MSDHS students are a lot more mature and ready to fight a strong one against those who are pro gun in Florida, more so than Jason would have been willing and able to fight a war for women’s rights. Jason might have agreed with my brothers, and my brother Tommy made a sick joke one day. He said, and I quote, “Waht’s the biggest joke in America?” I wondered, and he said, “Women’s rights.”

Well, women and their rights is no big joke. I tell you who and what is a big joke. Jason and his trolls. They are the joke. I have a right to write on here, and this is my blog. I have a right to compare Jason to some immature student at a school if I want. Because there’s no need for evidence because I lived it. I lived to see a drunken young man, sleeker than he should be, lying beside me in bed at night. IF I had to write a haunting novel based on the events that occurred between us, I will. To hell with trolling, and to hell with the way you treat your fellow bloggers, Mr. or Ms. Marshmallow, you are not going to accuse me of ruining someone’s life when he did it himself by being a total jerk. Not even a soda jerk for heaven’s sake, a J-e-r-k. What’s that spell? Jerk. What’s that defined as? LEt’s see: a jerk is a guy who doesn’t treat a woman with any respect. A jerk is a guy defined in TLC’s song No Scrub. And that chorus rings true. A scrub is a guy that can’t get no love from me. Simple as that.

I’m sick of writing about this subject, but let’s face this fact. I will not be silenced, I will not be quiet, I will be quiet no more. I will not take the harassment, bullying, trolling, asking for old recordings and evidence which Jason is privy to himself, and moreover, I will not stay silent as my sisters with disabilities are attacked by this young man. This needs to stop, the elitist “Where’s the evidence?” bullshit and everything else in between. I’m done. You guys, if you are supportive, I will not write this lightly, but I’m going to post a simple copy of this on Twitter and Facebook so that people understand. Do not stand up for bullying, bigotry, and abuse of women with disabilities. Do not stand up and demand my evidence because the man in this case might have distributed this evidence around the Internet, attempting to ruin me and my character brand. Since you are no use to me, trolls and minions alike, I’m not shutting down this blog, but I will shut you all down. Trolls who don’t identify themselves will be marked spam or blocked or blacklisted. I’m sorry, but I have to mark the comments I receive on this post, with the exception of Frijolic14 and other friends I know who actually give a crap, as spam. If you want the evidence, go to the man and survey the computer tower and tear apart his room. Have the police search it, and I will not come to Georgia for a trial if he’s arrested for distributing illicit audio or child porn. I won’t be there to watch the shackles on his wrists tighten as the bailiff leads him out of the room, and the judge, a black man might say, “Get the defendant out of the courtroom.” I will not bow down to any man’s word, and until you learn to quit trolling me online, I will not sit here silent and complacent, but even after you end your reign of terror, I will not end the reign of peace.


Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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