Do Not Call Me What You Called Me, So Please Shut Up and Drive Home

Dear readers,

The following is a response to a comment I received about defamation concerns. Guess what? Jason is a defamer himself, and he makes fun of folks with mental and physical ailments. I’m sorry, but the comment was trashed on account of calling me a psychotic lunatic. I will not have people call me names like this. Marshmallow, the person who commented on the post, will be on blacklist if this happens again. Jason would be considered probably worse than a Commander Lawrence from the Handmaid’s Tale, and maybe a lot worse than Fred Waterford. So please, shut up and drive home. If you are the person who commented on the post, and your real name is not revealed, you will be blacklisted. I know only two people who write decently on my blog, one is a guy from Australia I’ve been friends with forever. Another one is from Massachusetts, and she’s friends with me and my current love. What you all don’t realize is that those who troll will not reveal their real names, but I do know the guy’s username, the Aussie one. He doesn’t do that kind of thing, so yeah. Just shut up and drive. In any case, I’m going to tell you all what this Jason fella is capable of. This person claims they know him well, but they just might not understand the darker side of him, the side that says, you are a female whose place is under that of a man.


  1. Jason is transphobic, homophobic, and blackophobic, whatever that means. Racist. He is racist, antigay, anti transgender rights, and so many other things it ain’t even funny. Why stand up for that?
  2. Jason raped a dead friend of mine, and tried to impregnate another. She told me herself, she’s alive.  Standing up for predators and people who are anti everything and bigotrous is not allowed here because bigotry hurts people.
  3. Jason made fun of every word I said, honestly he did this. He made fun of my mental health diagnostics, something insensitive to the mentally ill and not good for this society as a whole. People who do this are saying, “I’m insecure, I’m stupid, and moreover, I’m mentally deranged myself.” He needs a lot of meds and therapy to get over this making fun of mentally ill people.
  4. Jason is spoiled, spoiled to the point of living in a smoke filled home, from what a friend told me, no name here, the personage that is Jason lives in a home filled with cigarette stains, smoke, and things that are bad for a child with rare heart conditions. Jason doesn’t eat healthy, duh. He doesn’t like to eat most foods, which is bad. He just doesn’t get it, I tried to be nice to him, but he also cheated on me. See next item.
  5. Jason is known to cheat on girls, cheat on them with either the late Jennifer, whose soul I will continue to pray gets to Heaven soon, or is there, and Alana, who is HIV positive, and I don’t know if she takes care of herself. I have a buddy in Denver Women’s Chorus who would say that using Alana the way Jason does is stupid. Alana is a living victim, so I won’t name any more, but she is still HIV positive, and scientifically speaking can infect the man. Jason doesn’t get it. I’ve tried to report this stuff to police in that area, and they refuse to believe me or find the subject of terror I’ve been worried about for years.
  6. I’ve been with a man for four and a half or so years now. This man’s name is Trenton, not Jason, and I will not submit to character defamation lawsuits for that reason. Jason did have recordings and sound bytes of us, things he shouldn’t have. He’s used those bytes on TeamTalk, having had his channel taken down. Jason had this done so that he could continue spouting diatribes about me to friends of mine and his alike, and that is awful. I’m sorry, but I’ve heard the same pattern of abuse and abusive behaviors from others. I had a friend tell me he made fun of her, tried to get her pregnant and then told her he hated her because she was Asian, etc etc. Another friend never had sexual relations with him, but she said things about him that were in comparison to what I say almost completely true. The girl had different experiences, but she said Jason was creepy the same way another guy was creepy. She compared Jason to a guy she knew from way back in the day, and it didn’t surprise me that it was real and it happened.

For those who want to comment on this post, first and foremost,

  1. No name calling at all, including those names that are insensitive to the mentally ill, disabled, or other minority groups.
  2. Do not stand up for Jason and his bigotry. I have friends in the Denver Women’s Chorus who are gay, bisexual, transgender, and so on, and they are working hard for a concert weekend, which I’m part of. I’m serious, just don’t stand up for this man. It looks bad for my friends, and he would want them all killed and so on, so just don’t.
  3. Read the Handmaid’s Tale and the Testaments, both works of feminist literature, and understand the psychopathy is not mine, but the males who are psychopaths, those who want to draw babies out of young women who are not their own wives, and the guardians and eyes and every other male are psychopathic, just think about it. The aunts are a bit like that, but in the Testaments, the three women who narrate the story will intersect, so read and find out how and why. Also, think about it. It is not safe for any girl or woman in the state of Georgia, and if she miscarries, she’d be punished by a no good governor who signed all this anti woman legislation to law.
  4. Think about the pain it took for your mother to bring you into this world, and think about the pain I had to go through as a woman. I will bring children into this world, though not the children of an abusive ex who doesn’t get it. You all need to be aware that my mom said this phrase very well, your mother brought you into this world, and she can take you out of it. Do not read this blog unless you are willing to stand up for what is right. And Jason doesn’t stand for what is right.


Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

2 thoughts on “Do Not Call Me What You Called Me, So Please Shut Up and Drive Home”

  1. First and formost, a big thankyou for acknowledgement of how genuine I am and for my comments that I make on your many posts. Observing your rules on commenting I know for a fact there are a lot of things I would so love to say about Jason but I can’t. I will say this though there are men who promise they will change but they never will I’ve heard a lot that paedophiles and sex offenders can’t be rehabilitated but it doesn’t matter what goes on there are those who are said that they will never rehabilitate but rehabilitation has worked for some. and how do we know that if these people talk to groups passing on advice not to be violent ahd they themselves are violent these people need to practice what they preach.

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    1. that’s what fans are for right? I had to acknowledge you because you’re one of the people that pops out at me every time I think of the comments that I get here on this blog. Thank you very much for being wonderful and observing my rules but I had to put the rules up here because of the nastiest trolling I have received on my blog. You’ve been really great and I want to just say good job and keep reading my blog. 🙂 Hi5.

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