Dedicated to all my transgender Friends: You Guys Rock!

Dear readers,

This is so cool. I got to watch a documentary recommended by my transgender buddy Davina, and she sent me the link to this documentary but it was easy to find on Netflix. I watched it thinking, this? A family in Colorado? Well, I’ve got news for all of you. I loved what I saw, both the dark comments and the highs and lows of the family were amazingly in full view. Only problem? No audio description, so yeah, I was assuming things. The Mathis family of Aurora, Colorado, not far from Denver, have triplets and an older daughter and a younger daughter. Their transgender daughter Coy is seven or eight by now, I forget how old this documentary is. I want to say I think Coy is like any other female child, who needs genitalia to dictate who you are? Though I’ve always been a woman, was assigned female at birth and all, I have totally embraced my transgender friends in the chorus and stuff. I want to make another thing clear: if Coy grows up and gets her confirmation surgery and good affirmative care, I want to see that girl in the Denver Women’s chorus or Soar Youth and Adult choir. Either choir will do, and it’s amazingly awesome. The choir at Soar is rather accepting of all types of people, and we have a gender fluid person in our tenor section, which is awesomeness. Coy’s story does say a lot, and I learned a bunch of things from what I saw in the story, but here’s the big thing I learned: in Colorado, you can use whatever restroom facilities you want. Even students can do this as well. My friend Christine, who has indeed received affirmative care and such, can do whatever she wants, even if the Trump administration wants to ban her from joining the marines. Who cares? If she wants to, she should pick it up. She could join the navy, the army, or whatever. However, we need a governing body to back this up.

I feel like I can be whoever I want in a world that doesn’t want me to exist, and sometimes for trans people, that’s the case. I have lots of friends who would agree, differences should be celebrated. While I think Coy is amazingly cool and all, she should probably read the Mighty Rebecca comic book. The Mighty Rebecca marvel comic is about a transgender superhero, someone who fights evildoers like the other Marvelites but does them for the sake of LGBTQI+ rights and such.

Okay, before I get crazier by the moment, let me just say a big thank you to the families of transgender folks, the ones who will accept their kids as they are. I can totally agree with the families who say that their child can be who they want to be. Here’s the thing I don’t like. The GOP and their anti transgender agenda, the Bathroom bill in NC, all the crap I got from friends in the South, like Georgia and such. I hope we elect better people who can do better things and represent the people who want to see good things for transgender people. I will for the future reference of this blog write some more about the Marvel Hero project. I liked Unstoppable Adonis. He is blind and plays football, and has dreams of going into the NFL. Good luck, I say, and I’ll write a story about him and other Marvel heroes in another post, but today, there’s more to come.


  1. I’m going to compile a list of things to do for disabled people in churches, with links to other blogs and books and other resources.
  2. I’m going to write about the Marvel Hero kids, and other people who are adults making a difference in the world.
  3. I’ll show you guys some more stuff and documentaries. If I find something cool, I’ll write about something cool. That’s just who I am, I write about something cool.


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My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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