The Denverqueen 2019 Gift Guide for Everybody this Year

Dear readers,

What is on your family’s gift list this year? If you think these gifts are nothing but trouble, they’re not. I am recommending these based on experiences from Christmas pasts. At Christmas and for a family or loved one’s birthday, please keep these in mind. I would post links on Amazon but I would have to flip from Window to window and paste and copy those items like crazy. So these are simply gift ideas, and with that, sit back and relax.


  1. For the nerd in your life, cool tech is always an option. However, tech can be expensive and unwieldy, so save up your money before you plan to invest. Why not try an all in one solution? I have a power strip from Beztek that works wonders and has USB charge ports for all my USB chargeable crap. I plan to buy one of those for Trenton. Now, if that’s too much, there are smart plugs and outlets, like outlet surge protectors. There are all kinds of ways you can help the nerd in your life conserve energy and charge their stuff. The Beztek strip I have includes wireless charging, a must have if you run out of spaces to plug things into. The nerd in your life will thank you.
  2. Also, for the nerd in your life, if they like Star Trek and Star Wars, watch for DVD releases at your local retailer of Star Wars, the original series, or the inferior prequels if you insist on galvanizing the entire universe. There is a new show on Disney Plus called the mandalorian which is about a guy who’s a bounty hunter, who goes out and gets people and such. It takes place five years after the fall of the evil Empire. When the deathstar is destroyed, all hell breaks loose. And the Mandalorian’s people have to protect and do things for clients. Disney plus is available for tablets, phones, and smart television sets so get ready to be amazed. The service is $6.99 per month, or $69 a year, so it’s cheap for what you’re getting, and includes audio description for you blind people out there.
  3. For that book reader in your life, there’s a new book out by the author of the handmaid’s Tale. It’s called the Testaments, and it takes place fifteen years after the events in the Handmaid’s Tale. Guess what? Ladies, be prepared to get ‘er done. That’s what the Testaments tells us. And it’s about how a dystopian regime like Gilead ultimately falls. I won’t tell you exactly how it fell, but read the book and get your copy on Kindle or at your local book retailer. And if you have missed the Handmaid’s Tale, get into the Hulu show, using Hulu Basic ($5 per month about), and it is also audio described for blind audiences. Also on Hulu basic, you can get an assortment of movies and a few horror shows. But I’m focusing on the dystopian book nerds in your life.
  4. For that makeup artist in your life, here’s a few tips. For starters, make sure the makeup and beauty products you buy are appropriate and present a chic but natural look for your makeup sensation in your life. Boy or girl, you should still allow them to wear makeup. However, be careful of cheap buys from high end department stores, and watch the Consumer Product Safety commission and your local news outlets for recalls if any concerning makeup products. Many companies also sometimes test their products on monkeys and other exotic animals, something I don’t exactly do well to support. My man says I look good without makeup, but beware what makeup does to your face depending on the skin solutions you deploy. It makes teenage girls look like they’ve gone out and done some pretty grown up things, but a natural look that enhances a girl’s or guy’s appearance is fine, so long as it’s not heavy. Mascara is difficult to put on, especially for me because it gets everywhere if you don’t do it right, or you start crying and your eyes are a mess.
  5. For the physically active guru in your life, smart watches and fit bits are a great solution. Have you ever wondered how much your caloric stuff is burnt every day? Have you wanted to track your cycles, for you female people out there, or wanted to try and improve your health? Well, fit bit and smart watch solutions are everywhere. I would suggest the Apple Watch series models 3 through 5, and make sure it supports Apple Watch OS 6 or higher. Why? It’s more than just a fitness thing. It will also act as a wrist communicator, a weather tracker, a calendar, all that and it has Voiceover on it. For a blind person, you can read a map direction route on it, but I haven’t delved into that yet. You can get the watch series 4 or 5 and it’ll do electrocardiograms, ECG readings on you that are FDA approved. Series 5 has fall detection, so you people who are fall risks or are extremely active can use this to alert the appropriate peoples that you fell, and get help right away. I have the watch series 5, and love it.
  6. Have you wanted to ask your AI assistant, “What am I holding?” Echo Show 8 and 10 inches supports this feature. It is sold by Amazon, so you won’t miss that much. All you have to do is look for deals on the Echo Show.
  7. For that pack rat in your life, I always love a good bag or purse. My bag and purse collection is growing, but my wallet collection needs a bit of love. My wallet phone case is a good example of a phone case that doesn’t break your wallet period. Although a lot of my friends like Otter Box, I hate to say it, but there are a lot of phone cases from Caseology and other companies like it that are a ton cheaper. I want to get Trenton an iPhone case, but since there are so many choices and too many options, I will start with Caseology and feel my way around for something that costs less than $20. Those Otter Box cases are great, but cost $40, and I still have the one that carried my SE. Sadly, it’s the one that caused a bit of a halo effect on my iPhone SE when I went to give that thing away. Poor thing. So if anything, my phone case budget is set at $20 and I want lots of stuff for that price. For Trenton, though, he at least can have a caseology case for that much or less and all that, but I’m tempted to get him a wallet case like mine, in purple and such.
  8. Are you a scrapbooker? Well, not too many people are, but digital photo albums and paper ones too make a great gift just for you. If you’re a memory collector, feel free to digitize your photos and keep them in a keepsake book or scrapbook if you want. Scraps of memory or things you did in the past are great things to share with family and loved ones for generations to come.
  9. For that fashionista in your life, there are a variety of ideas you could do with style and clothing, but beware Amazon ships the clothing from China. Ewww, it’s bad quality, believe me I tried one thing for my friends’ wedding and it ripped open right at the end. Ugh. Anyway, if you don’t have any money for a Macy’s dress or a Victoria’s Secret outfit or lingerie, there are a million ways to buy clothing that don’t involve a designer tag. As Gretchen Wilson said in her song, she don’t need a designer tag to make a man want her more. So Walmart or even Target will work, but beware if buying gifts for foster children, stay away from the Arc or Goodwill. Kids need to look smart and professional at school, so as to ward off bullies. This way, they don’t feel like they are secondhand. Adults can choose to look professional on a budget without looking secondhand too. However, kids are extra picky about everything, especially clothing when they get older. Bedsheets and towels are great wedding gifts, but I wouldn’t consider them Christmas gift material ever depending on the situation at hand.

Those are ten ways you can impress your fam this year for the holidays. If you want to research these items, most can be found on Amazon under the brand names like Beztek and Echo Show. You can also ask Alexa to search for said items I just mentioned, but if you want to donate to charity, use the smile page of choice on Amazon’s smile website, and don’t forget to choose a charity of choice.

Thank you,


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