Amazon original content and Other Strange Matters

Dear Readers,

I’m happy to say that promoting this blog has gotten me some traffic, so keep it up yall. I want to point to several things. First, the Amazon original show Good Omens rocks. Why oh why do Christians have to take their sensitivities to satirical media so seriously? And they also got the show’s platform wrong when they attempted a Change petition so that Amazon or in the case of Netflix, whatever it was, the petition called for the cancelation of Good Omens based on Christian sensitivities. I’m not firmly attacking Christians altogether, but let it be known that real mainline Christians should take satire for what it is, satire. Amazon did a really cool thing with Good Omens because they made fun of Christians for what they’ve been and where they might be going. Think about the Hulu show and the book the handmaid’s Tale. That is a super dark satire about a United States called Gilead. Gilead is a dire warning, so how do repressive regimes fall? You’ll find out in the new book the Testaments. Yes, the Handmaid’s Tale is dramatic in its portrayal of the Gilead commanders, but it isn’t as bad as 1984, which has obvious players it makes fun of. Big Brother might be likened to Joseph Stalin, for instance, thanks in part to the mustachio he has on his face. The mustachioed figure in every single hall of Victory Mansions is today perhaps likened to the Kims of North Korea, but in that time, that place, it’s a satirical affront to Stalin. Then you have Winston, who tries to do something about it, but can’t. O’Brien is an interesting character. I wonder who he might present as in the time the book was written.

Animal Farm is a definite weird satire, and Orwell was making fun of Communism. Obviously, Karl Marx and the wise old boar are the same character. Then, you have the pigs, or the Gosplan or the high dictators. Napoleon and Snowball are two different important characters in the Communist party of Russia obviously. What Orwell did to both Animal Farm and 1984 was called satire, same with Amazon’s Good Omens. The Handmaid’s Tale is a satirical but dire warning. Dark satire can be found in Ralph Nader’s the safe Car You Can’t Buy as well. I wrote several darkly portrayed satires on violent video game sales. I basically said something about Microsoft and Sony sued for violent video game creations that portray Jesus’s crucifixion and other deadly things that people would find appealing to play. What I was getting at with those satires was that video games and other console related work are not to blame for violence, but people over exaggerate the mental health versus violent video game argument. Imagine, for a moment, just once, that we did not scapegoat mental illness for gun violence. What we need to understand is that Swedish soldiers use video games to learn diplomacy and what they call “soft skills.” That’s great, but training through video game simulation doesn’t predict everything.

Before I get too far into one topic or another, let me just say that Carnival Row is awesome. I love it because it’s got fairies and such, but I think there are some things that Amazon, Netflix, or Hulu could try.

I miss the Mystic Knights of Chernanom. What ever that was called. There’s a badass princess in there, and the other knights do battle with very weird creatures, and then there’s this dragon, Fire. He’s Rowan’s pet, and this queen who’s evil wants to use the baby dragon for bad purposes. Things like the Mystic Knights should come back on Amazon or Hulu or something because I know how much people might miss it. I hope it’s lurking about somewhere.

Power Rangers are on Netflix, but oh no it’s not described. Only the movie with Elizabeth Banks is. But I do miss the Turbo adventure, but Queen Eve is weird. It’s just weird.

In any case, I think Disney should consider doing less weird animation, but they messed up the Princess and the Frog, Cinderella, and Snow White. I’ve read the original Grimm stories so there you go.

I love how Dreamworks made fun of Disney. I must say satire is very important in our lives as literary lions of the human race. But face it. Good Omens should not be canceled, rest assured Amazon has its way. So if you don’t like satirical work, seriously lighten up.


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