Make America Safe Again

Dear readers,

I’ve been pummeled with thoughts and feelings lately that bother me more than anything else in the whole world. One of which, you guessed it, is why is America not safe for everybody again? I propose that great is not a good way to approach things. The MAGA movement has indeed resulted in so many hate filled crimes, but prosecuting these crimes is the trick. I worry day in and day out that I or my soon to be husband Trenton will be the victim of a hate crime, especially against us as a disabled couple. We will surely not be eaten by a rhino, like in James and the Giant Peach, but I would not like to have my progeny raised by filthy Aunt Sponges and Aunt Spikers. Aunt Sponge and Spiker are both the worst examples of guardians, and my parents could fall into that category, and with few exceptions. They never forced me to chop wood, obviously, and they didn’t tell me that so and so didn’t see the rhino or whatever. But I’m not about to let my child or children be raised that way, without friends or fun in their lives, without love and affection from parents who nurture the right kind of things in a child. I don’t certainly want my kid parroting Rush Limbaugh at all. I don’t want my kids to grow up thinking Donald Trump made America great. He made America hate again, and that’s what I’m worried about. Miracles, of all things, can happen, but I hope for a miracle and a replacement in the White House as soon as possible. Mayor Pete seems to be a good choice, but I’d rather Elizabeth Warren because all these men are cisgender white males with the exception of Pete and all these rich boys don’t know what it’s like to live day in and day out thinking, are they gonna have my head on a silver platter? So, if I should take up the cause, let’s make America safe. How can we do this? See below and read on.


  1. First and foremost, minority groups should be protected from murder and the homicides prosecuted fully to the extent of the law. For example, don’t let a poor pitiful blind guy get away with rape. But use caution in dealing out the death penalty. Blind guys who get the death penalty will surely make the community look worse than it already is, and it’s incoherent at best. When a trans woman of color is murdered, I want to see the perp thrown in jail, put in gen pop, and or in solitary confinement depending on what the situation looks like, but I don’t want probation. Life imprisonment without the possibility of parole, and any transphobic slurs are to be edited out of any court documents unless they’re relevant to what the perp said as he carried out his misdeed. Oh, women are just as capable of murder as men, but murder is a male dominated thing. Make sure that all Terrorists are convicted at the highest level, including the ones inspired by the MAGA movement. I’m sorry, but we can not tolerate this kind of behavior anymore.
  2. Any minor crimes against the blind or disabled performed by police should be investigated quickly, and if the perp is a police officer, no matter what he should be prosecuted for murder. Most of the police officers who do this thing are male, again, and some females may find themselves in the crosshairs. But the most important thing is that there is a deterrent for others who want to carry out this crime. Examples include not only murder, but civil forfeiture of property, robbery, rape, and a whole host of other minor crimes. But against a disabled person, let’s turn them into … well, make mountains out of mole hills which will deter others from doing the same. I say jailing them for life would be the perfect strategy for combatting hate filled or hate motivated crime against a disabled person and especially a female or queer or trans person. Cisgender males with disabilities don’t have as many things to worry about. They obviously don’t have to carry a pregnancy which could result in the rapist waiting for custody of the child, and I won’t sooner have a child than have the rapist take custody of the baby. And all because I’m blind. The rapist could abuse the child as much as he might have abused me in this example.
  3. Nobody should cheat disabled especially blind people out of money. There’s a developmentally disabled woman in California whose family knows how much people just seem to love to take advantage of her. They give her bills only in ones, all that so she doesn’t get cheated out of money. How can we best combat situations like this one? First and foremost, let’s encourage all blind people to read bills on the iBill, and I swear by this thing. It is a secret weapon I carry with me at all times in my purse, and I read and scan bills double checking them to make sure nobody takes damn advantage of me. This kind of weapon is great for blind individuals, and there’s vibrations that a deaf blind person can use on the iBill. The currency readers are being given out free to NLS subscribers and patrons and users of Bard. So if you use the Bard/NLS service, see if you can grab a hold of those currency readers. And yes, with proper case management, developmentally disabled people can learn to budget and do things on their own. Some developmentally disabled cannot learn things as easily, but there is not hope lost at all. I believe that all disabled people have a right to know what’s in their wallet, especially if making purchases. My dear friend Clayton had invented a way to label money, but was never given proper credit or whatever for his work. I wish he had. Then maybe fraudsters would shut up and stop taking advantage of folks like me and my friends.
  4. Price gouging is awful. Every time you say something related to one thing or another, prices go up. Weddings for disabled adults are tricky, and booking things should not include a price gouge. Ugh.
  5. There should be protections for LGBTQI+ people at work period. What is the President and Administration thinking? He could arrest me for thinking this is a good thing, but it is. Maybe the President shouldn’t receive protections at work because he wanted this for gay people and transgender individuals so he should, in my view, get the Lemony Snicket treatment. That’s what I call suffering every major thing you made your people suffer. This includes LGBTQI+ individuals and Latino immigrants. I’m sorry, but when you sit beside those folks you tortured in your, dare I say it, concentration camps, you will learn a whole new meaning of something you lack, Mr. President. Empathy.
  6. Let’s easily reaffirm our Constitutional obligations. We must allow people to worship any way they want. you must also allow people to do whatever they want with themselves and other things as well. Boy it’s going to be a long ass ride if you don’t understand that I do not stand for Gilead, and the flag of the Confederacy either.

Making America safe also involves the following political wish list:

  1. Give free housing to Native Americans wishing to find better opportunities for their children and families. Yes, Sweet Honey In the Rock, I’m making a reference to Native Americans. They came here first, they gave us their land, but in the meantime, we have an obligation to let them have what they want. No more gentrification.
  2. Free housing or discounted housing for African Americans affected by slavery in their ancestry. If a black man is wrongfully convicted of a crime, he should receive free assistance with housing as compensation. We are easily fooled by this thought that it’s not up to us to repair the damage done in the slave trade, but we can, and so we will. I don’t know if Trenton’s ancestors were slaves, but mine were. There was a child of a slave, and it’s all because of the Cajun blood in me.
  3. Let’s give everybody a universal income of $1500 per month. They could live in better rental facilities, and the disabled will need special things in their housing.
  4. Give the disabled and elderly discounts on mobility friendly housing should they need it. Disabled and elderly people deserve lives in the community. I can’t tell you how many times a nursing home will abuse your loved ones, or neglect your loved ones either. Give the at risk elderly special consideration when they apply for housing.
  5. Blind people who can’t find jobs should be allowed to adopt regardless. Adoption agencies should never discriminate against people for sexual orientation or gender identity. And what’s more, disability should never be a disqualifier for parenting because disability and parenting are important matters to consider. While a certain Amanda left my Facebook in shambles, she still has four girls to consider and I’m exceptionally proud of any parents who have daughters period. But a better example would be author J. E. Pinto. Her daughter is well rounded and well educated, and from what Jo has written on her author’s page, she has a book about blind folks parenting. I’ll provide the link to that book upon request. But if you want to buy the book, it’s there on Kindle. She also wrote a novel, the Bright Side of Darkness. It contains a blind lead character, something I think should be more prevalent and is something I wanted in a previous post.

This is just a short political wish list, but it bears repeating. Natives and blacks need the housing more than the white cisgender rich people do. Sure, if you work for Silicon Valley, fine. Have yourself a nice mansion, but the universal pension should stay with you no matter what you do with it. If you earn extra money on top of it, it won’t go away if I did this right. It’s like Australia’s pension system. Their pensioners are amazingly able to figure things out. I know some.

Thanks all for reading. For more news on me, just hit me up on my social media pages.


Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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