A Love Letter to Imagination

Dear readers,

While thinking long and hard about how much less imaginative we’ve become to a point as a human race, I think of what might have caused it all. For one, Barney, the purple dino we seem to love at one side and hate on the other, taught us all about imaginations, using your imagination to pretend you’re in a castle or in a deserted island where buried treasure awaits and pirates attack you from all corners. I honestly think that we’ve run low on imagination a lot. And I honestly think the imagining I’ve done lately has to do with helping us solve world problems more than just plain nice things. I mean, as the Dreamfinder at Epcot used to say, “One little spark of imagination is at the heart of new creation.” No kidding. And we’ve lost all that because of a few things: video games with three dimensional graphics. Yeah, I’m not trying to blame all video games but the ones that immerse you in too much virtual reality could rot your senses dead if you do it too much. What we need to be doing more of is pretending with more affordable assets, and let me give you an example.

IF you want to travel to the world of Middle Earth in LOTR, you have a few options: one, you can let a video game designer boost you into a virtual Middle Earth, or you could read the books, or you could pick a place, such as the hobbit hole where Bilbo Baggins lived for a long while, then he left it to Frodo. You could create your own sign on your front lawn that says, “no admittance except on party business. Bilbo.” You could also welcome guests, like this: welcome to the hobbit hole. Then hold the doors open, and what do you know! Walk inside your empty home, and imagine what you could store there. OF course, a teakettle or teapot in the kitchen, paint the walls a light elven green, and then add a red coloring or two … whatever floated around your mind when you wanted to pretend your house was a Middle Earth sanctuary. Let’s imagine something else. You’re throwing a party for a friend, and they love Harry Potter. You can’t afford to take them on a flight to Hollywood and or Orlando to see the theme parks, but you could so dress up your kitchen so it has the following things in the middle: a Hogwarts coat of arms, everybody wears dress clothes or dress robes, everybody stirs their drinks with a plastic soda straw in place of a wooden wand per se, but then … not sure where to go from there? You could always pluck a twig from a tree, and pretend it’s a piece of holly or something from Harry’s wand. Imagine you’re a wizard using one o those fancy schmancy remotes that looks like a wizarding wand from that world. Muggles, beware of the imaginations of the wizard fans. Muggles who are boring enough would ruin the thing, so yeah just don’t invite too many of those peoples.

What we lack in imagination, few are better at improving what we already have. It’s weird. But that’s what world we’re stuck with today.

So how can we get that imaginative mindset back? Well, think of your childhood. Santa will aways be around if you need a little Christmas magic. And if you can’t see snow, pretend the white paper on your boots is snow. LEt your imagination run wild, and let the dreaming begin.


Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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