White Supremacy Is a Personal Issue for Me

Dear readers,

Due to the recent clashes between Clayton Jacobs and Twitter, I’d like to highlight why his work is important. It is a personal mission for me as well. Why is this, you ask? Well, you can ask people like Michael Bonnehomme and Orien  Henry who are both black and Caribbean. You can ask Trenton Matthews, who is African American, or you could ask Elijah Cummings. He’s a black Congressman who experienced racism as a child.

Or you could ask the late great Mary McCleod Bethune’s children what their mother went through as a child. Mary Jane was born to parents who were slaves but by the end of the Civil War, she was the first freeborn child among others who were born to Patsy and Samuel McCleod. or you could ask Martin Luther King Jr.’s family how the assassination of their patriarch affected them.

But for me, racism and white supremacists fighting with others who are minorities is a personal and hot issue for me. What will happen when they win the war? I’ll tell you what:

  1. I will be denied the right to marry or associate with people of color. Children born to me and a man of color will be deemed bastards and unable to inherit things, land, and estate money. Southern law will apply, so if it was me who was the person of color, then my kids will not get anything from their white born father. But, yes, that’s what these people want.
  2. We went to a Chili’s on Wadsworth Boulevard, Lakewood to celebrate the 92nd birthday of Trenton’s grandma. Imagine the horror of what we might experience if we walk into that same Chili’s and are told, you guys can’t sit there because you’re black/colored. Imagine me being bullied into silence while my in-laws are pushed out to the back, served scraps, and not given proper customer service.
  3. As a person who has some black in the family, and yes, Cajun, I feel that this is often misunderstood. If the White Supremacists win, they will also allow Proud Boys members to harass and intimidate Trenton and I into silence on the Internet, as the trolls did to Clayton. This is unacceptable behavior and Twitter should have sided with Clayton because he is a protected class. And if the Proud Boys have it their way, I could be used as a birthing tool or incubator for a white man’s child, pure and simple.
  4. Read the Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. Then watch either Guess Who or Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner. What world do you want to live in? The world of commanders, Rachael and Leah centers, and forced sexual servitude? Or do you want a world in which we can have our opinions, disagree doing it civilly, and let people live their lives? The proud boys and White Supremacists want to impose themselves on minority groups.

As a white woman, I’m still vulnerable because of my disability to having a multitude of crimes committed against me if Gilead became a reality for me. If I couldn’t carry a baby to term, I would be punished under Gilead law. And associating with persons of color would become a fraternization crime under Gilead law. The African American girls would be probably decimated or forced to serve men in slavery, and the men? No better. It is not a really easy or rewarding task to be a house slave. Imagine, just for this moment, that an African American woman was your house slave. What is she feeling at this moment? While she has to look after the planter’s sons, what is she thinking? Even though she doesn’t have to taste the biting whip of the overseer, she could still be yelled at, raped, or worse, killed by her master for not doing what he asks. This would include sexual advances. White women would become slaves, too. There would be no rights for any except for males, and according to Clayton, I have seen him write about the Masons and such. I need to study how Masonic society had something to do with slavery. It had a huge impact on that, and they were the dehumanizers.

Now, here’s the personal thing I want to discuss. I am going to stay with a man of color, and his family has treated me well. He doesn’t have an abuse record or anything, so I’m happy in this relationship. If the Proud Boys get another stint in the White House,  they will try and undo Loving. Watch that movie if you will, and watch what happens when hateful judges try to use hateful rhetoric to say, certain races belong on certain continents. This is highly offensive, but for the sake of posterity, let me say that Orien is a mixed race young man, though the white part of him is smaller and he’s only a quarter of that. But it doesn’t matter how much white or whatever blood he has. This man’s blood like everybody else’s is blue. Yeah, until it hits the oxygen in the air, then it turns red. Why? The red blood cells do that. That’s why we say blood is red, but who cares? And as for Trenton, he doesn’t let this get to him. But if he were to be told to leave me, I don’t know how he’s going to react when the Proud Boys and White Supremacists try to hold it against us for being together. We have an equal partnership, despite my mental health issues, despite disability and torture I’ve endured for being disabled. All disabled families and disabled people in general face abuse, harassment, and intimidation.


I have other friends who are black, including Orien. And I want to say very clearly, nobody should tell me otherwise. Orien’s family is Christian, and the teachings of Jesus state we are to love our neighbor. People tend to twist the word of God to benefit supremacy and other forms of discriminatory teachings. Jimmy Carter, may I remind you all, is no longer a Baptist, but still believes in a Bible, but he wants an inclusive world. President Carter and his wife are 73 years married, and he respects women like nobody’s business. And he doesn’t care what color someone is, and like Mary Poppins says clearly when singing to Bert in the movie, “Underneath, your blood is blue.” Everybody’s blood is blue, so where is the racial divide? I don’t give a crap about race, I just know that I’m in a relationship with a guy of my same species, okay? I’m not doing bestiality, for those who don’t think this is serious. I’m totally serious.

Here’s what we need to do to make the world a more inclusive and race blind place. This applies to places where the Proud Boys are, where “Heil Hitler” is still uttered, where the Africans are still marginalized.

  1. I think a good exercise should be taught in schools across the country. A modified version of the Blue Eyed Exercise should be taught to children. Yes, I said this right.
  2. Blindfolding kids in school and having them interact with each other blindfolded would work wonders. Imagine the thought of a black man, Martin, interacting with a Mexican girl, Juana, and not knowing she’s Mexican, not caring. Another element to this is stated below. But imagine seeing the mix of the two races together. If the young Martin and Juana were paired up to do projects in school blindfolded so they couldn’t tell the color of skin, they might be able to talk about more serious subjects like what’s happening or the weather.
  3. Ethnic learning should be encouraged in all schools. Let’s take a young Kenyan girl who moves here to the U.S. and can only speak Swahili and some British English. Or perhaps a Masai girl. This girl is going to want to hear songs and dances from her homeland, and she should be able to be proud of her culture, and talk all day about how she feels connected with her homeland, but she can talk about why she came here. I’ll use Orien’s example here as well. He came here from Antigua off the coast of Hispaniola, but thankfully Antigua has English as a primary language to speak with. However, he has different musical tastes, and music of that culture is very specific and distinct. So why not have ethnic days at school? Let a young girl from Israel bring in some real Israeli food. We did this in Parochial school. This was assigned by the great Mrs. Miller, and she said to us, bring food from a different country. Okay, so what? Why not study a country that is not yours? I did this, a report on South Africa I did with a partner. Yes, this is possible. Also, study the indigenous populations. Learn the language of the Navajo, Chippewa, and other tribal things. Just open up your mind, let the familiarity breed respect and love.
  4. Bring back the statue of liberty. We need to seriously reeducate any white boys and proud boys out there. Remember, the statue has a poem on its base. I’ve practically memorized it, and it’s by Emma Lazarus. It says, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” That is the most famous set of lines from that poem. We need to educate immigrants, yes, but let’s talk about America as a fabric of immigration. Okay, let me tell you now about my personal family lineage.

My lineage, if anyone should know, is Irish, English, German, Cajun, some African, a splash of Native American, maybe some others. Yes, I am a proud and comfortable mixed personality. My blood like everybody else’s is blue. My hair is brown, but tightly curled. Someone asked me if I was mixed, and I bet I could tell you the answer is yes. Let me explain a few tidbits of my family. The Heberts, a Cajun family, came here from Canada, and like about 99% of the Cajun population, settled in Louisiana. That’s where the Creole and French thing comes in. Hebert is a French last name, and I’m mighty proud to say we’re a strong family. My grandmother’s family, however, is English and Irish, but they have a story to tell. It’s a few or maybe even six generations ago that the Wades and Lights came here from England and Ireland. Clara Light, an English born lady, married a James Wade, an Irish post guy. The story goes that he was buddies with the sheriff, who said when the Klan came to call at James’s door, “Stop messing with that guy and let him work.” The Klan were known not only to harass blacks and such, but they went after the Irish. My adopted father has family that emigrated here some generations back as well. The Taurasi family was originally builders and peasant farmers, but look how far my father, as much as I resent him, came. He was the first in his family to do scientific work in college, major in a technically advanced field, and do something impacting the world of aerospace engineering. My mother got a degree in mechanical engineering, and despite being pregnant and having me, she still found protection and security in my dad, and they married soon after meeting while working at NASA and such, Lockheed Martin if you want to be technical about it. Dad worked on for contractors and so on fixing shuttle parts, then got managerial jobs until the program ended and later, he got other jobs in different capacities. Both of my father’s two sons got engineering jobs doing technical things, which is all well and good, but since they are both white and not disabled, they will never understand the personal mission I’m on. Here’s my story:

I was born in Florida in 1986, and though born blind, I still write this blog today because doctors might have said one thing, but I did something different. I grew up Catholic, but who needs a God of exclusivity and patriarchy when you have deity worship that doesn’t need that? I tried college, but collecting benefits is the only way for a survivor of fifteen years of guardianship hell. My parents, using white privilege and not understanding the fruits of their immigrant ancestors, decided to label me incompetent and a foundling among other things. It has been fifteen years of not being able to do things the normal way, being told to stay away from my friend Michael because of his “sexual experience” but I wonder if it was because he was Haitian, and many other issues that could have landed me in the morgue. I am not done yet.

I’m 32 years old, and I want to say I’m expecting a child one day. But for now, because of racial profiling in vendors, because mortgages are for working people only, we’re stuck in an unhealthy rental situation and the apartment has asbestos in it. Yeah, it’s getting better, but the number one concern is the old lead paint on the walls. I will never let that down. And yes, I’m not done yet.

Because Trenton is who he is, he could get higher mortgage rates from lenders, so I have to be the one to call these folks up. I will not give them info about our ethnicities. Only family circumstances. I want no white Supremacy in house searching.

In any case, I don’t like Supremacists because of how my friends would feel if I did. I share a bed, food, and lodging with a black man, and to me, any good man is a blessing, but Trenton is the best blessing I’ll have for life. I don’t want to see him get EMS services called on him for doing ordinary activities. I don’t want to see him get mugged by a guy shouting, “Heil Hitler” at the top of his lungs. I don’t want to see my son of the future join a gang to survive. Gangs are not for children, not for anyone rather. I wish I could interview my friend Henry Vasquez who is Mexican, lives in California, and got a license to become a gang dropout counselor. He knows the gangs and streets of L.A. better than I do. But Los Angeles is just one place and one city, so imagine the gang activity in Denver and Atlanta. Think about it. I don’t want my daughter of the future to be raped by a boy who says he wants to marry her, whether black or white. I will never marry my daughters off unless they say yes and they pick the man. I don’t want my teenage daughter of the future to have zero exposure to things like sex and birth control protection and such. IF a girl bleeds, she needs free tampons and pads in school. IF my daughters of the future get pregnant, I will never fault them. I will track down the baby’s daddy and make him responsible and pay child support for my daughter’s baby if he’s able. Otherwise, the family he has will have to pay some Hell because teenagers shouldn’t be moms so early. Don’t let me watch Teen Mom, I’ve seen the teenage pregnancy thing right in front of my face. African American girls who get pregnant while young don’t get the same attention as whites. This is sad. I want my future little children to go to parks that are open to them all day, as Martin Luther King Jr. wrote in his Letter to the Birmingham Jail that he had to explain to his little daughter that “Funtown was closed to colored children.” He couldn’t understand this. Dr. King’s children had to grow up with racism, hate, and bigotry. Can you imagine if Disney World was closed to autistics and blacks? IF I ever have to tell my little children in the future that “Universal studios Wizarding World of Harry Potter is closed to all colored or mixed kids”, I’m going to have those people sued. Racism has no place in this country, and I want to open my children’s eyes one day to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Of course, I will never have to actually say that Elitch Gardens is closed to children of this race, but you would have dealt with that in the 1960s. This is 2019. If anyone tries to impede on my or my family’s experience at a theme park, a store, a restaurant, or worse, government buildings and schools, public restrooms, anything, there will absolutely be some educating and hell to pay. My friends and loved ones have every right to experience the world as others do, whether they’re black or blind or both.

This is why the whole clash of Supremacists versus the other side is so personal to me. Learn from the family stories I’ve put here. For posterity, I will be telling the stories of other people. But I want to tell my story to the world, and if anyone thinks this is crazy, it is crazy that I have to teach ordinary adults American history as I was taught the same one.

Here’s another thing. If you want to fight and kill or die for your cause, read authors like Liam o’Flaherty, because they and he write stories about the wars in Ireland. Read the Red Badge of Courage, and see the price war does on the country. Study the Civil War as it was meant to be studied. Read Harriet Jacobs’s book Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl and realize the bondage these women faced. The ancestors be praised, that book is amazing. Anyway, off to bed with me, and please, no more trolls and silence for people who are critics of racism. Nobody has the right, also, to threaten to shoot someone in the head as one officer tried to threaten a freshman squad lady member. Whoever did this put my friend Clayton in absolute terror for not only her life, but he said he was willing to give up his own. That says a lot about where he and I stand. IF I was able, I’d so give my life for Trenton as well, I’d give my life for the beautiful families and the history behind each one that come to America seeking a better life. I don’t want to hear another word about “open borders” and such. Would you rather suffocate Latino Americans in their home countries with gang violence? Give these people a place to call home, jobs and a place for the child to go to school. Let them bring their food and culture with them, the good parts that is, and let them teach us their languages and let us borrow more words. That’s how we got waffle, for example, from the Dutch who emigrated here from Holland. So there you go.

Thank you for reading.


Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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