Is Twitter Siding with White Supremacists?

This entry is for Twitter users. Have you noticed a pattern? Twitter is doing some dirty deeds upon people of color, people who are activists in the disabled community, and siding with white supremacists and nationals when it comes to big name news topics. Esoteric Quality is an ideal example of what Twitter is doing wrong. A twelve hour suspension resulted from him calling out a white supremacist, or rather, someone who asked a reporter what their ethnicity was. This is by far the rudest thing Kelly Anne Conway has done so far, and her husband isn’t doing anything to stop it. And yes, EQ is on the bend, trying to reason with people because what she said was rude, and he gets censored, suspended, unfairly treated by a platform that is popular, has his fan base, and so on. This is unacceptable, and cannot be done any further.

There are a few things I want Twitter to do, and I even asked EQ to email their support team to stop their needless suspensions and silencing him because of his criticism of an administration that lauds its cruelty over others.

  1. This is the top thing: don’t allow people who are white nationals to speak and impose their will and viewpoints on others.
  2. 2. Suspend others who are supporting white nationals, because we know what these people are capable of. White national opinions are shameful and lead to everything from lynchings in the 1930s to burning crosses in the front yards of black people to the gunning down of EQ’s sister. This is all thanks to ableist and white nationalist behavior.
  3. Delete President Trump’s twitter account when he leaves office. If it has to be done, it should be done. He supports conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones, who was permanently suspended from the system as well as his Infowars podcast being removed from all channels, including Apple, Spotify, and others and he denied the Sandy Hook massacre, saying it wasn’t real. Why should governments allow officials in a free democracy to support such heinous conspiracy theorists? Alex Jones is dead to all places on the Internet because of his actions, not the actions of the administration. But by deleting Trump’s twitter account, it saves a lot of people grief.
  4. Make sure that any Twitter user of color such as the squad in Congress and others who are associated with them receive ample protection. Let’s use a poor unfortunate soul as an example. @blindbirder called a congresswoman a jihadist, which nearly got himself a good mark on his own physical body by EQ. Ilhan Omar is not a Jihadist, and if I were to sit down and talk with her, I’d have to tell her that I left Islam because of men treating women like they were car models, not necessarily the Jihad thing. But Jihad should be thrown off the doctrine table and it is written in the book, the one called Heretic, that Jihad is a charter for terror. Ayanna Presley is African American, lives in Boston but is in D.C. of course. Ms. Presley is prone to attacks because she is a woman of color, and Trump doesn’t help the situation. Let’s go to Rashida Talib. She is amazingly optimistic. But she knows what’s up. She and Omar are having to deal with threats, threats to harm them from men. This must stop, and Twitter must not allow people such as these guys to threaten the most vulnerable among us.
  5. Anyone who threatens another person, especially if that person is a protected class, should be barred from tweeting. Trump threatens the jobs of the squad ladies, so in essence, he should really be having about 80% of his tweets hidden behind a warning curtain. Hey, Twitter should take a page from Mastodon, a decentralized social network, and hide things behind a warning button. Not only for Trump and world leaders, but for everybody. For example, if EQ wants to write something a bit sexy or a bit colored in some way, he could press a button on the twitter tweet thing that would allow him to hide that weird tweet behind a curtain that would say the following, “This tweet contains sensitive information.” Problem solved. But threatening messages and tweets should never be tolerated.

Twitter, if you’re reading this, there are many white nationals on this platform who could hurt or destroy people’s lives. This is getting quite out of hand. Suspending people for calling out white nationals is and should be a crime of free speech. Hate speech should cover the following statements:

  1. Threats to harm or harass individuals;.
  2. Descriptions of a subject’s body, especially if that writer is describing someone’s graphic demise like if they want to mutilate someone.
  3. Pictures of that person looking pasty or dead, and any captions that state that “this will happen to you.”
  4. Blatant attacks on races like my fiancé Trenton’s. African Americans will not simply rob delis to become successful, right, Soto? And may I add, my fiancé doesn’t affiliate with any African American gang on the streets, does not sell drugs, and doesn’t intend to do either. So leave all that out.
  5. Blatant attacks on women and disabled people. This is not protected free speech because when you read this sentence, you will scream. Well, to illustrate my point, let me show you a sentence, and this is only an example. The sentence “Women don’t belong on the Internet.” This is an opinion statement, but this, as follows, is not. “If you, lady don’t get off the Internet, stop speaking your mind, and just don’t drop down pregnant, we will come after you.” Remember, that sentence is not protected under free speech because it threatens women. I would never threaten my own female sisters out there, but the following sentence structure I found here on WordPress perfectly captures what I mean: the structure contained an attack on my mental health problems, and contained the phrase: “bitch, get shocked and shut up.” I was called a cunt and a bitch in several structures like these, and they are NOT protected under free speech. I’m only writing these in quotes so you see what kind of things AOC, Omar, Rashid, and Presley have to deal with on a daily basis. And I could have been swatted by the same troll.

What to do if a troll swats you:

  1. Follow police orders. If you have a gun in your hand, put it down. If you can’t hear the police, be sure to sign, “I can’t hear you” clearly in ASL. If either of these tactics don’t work, freeze and don’t move but make sure your hands have no weapons.
  2. Tell the officers everything you know. If you’re comfortable speaking with police and deputies, please make sure you tell them that there is no crime and that you are a victim of swatting. Show them all trolling comments on blogs, twitter, and so on.
  3. Make sure you have the IP address and email of the blog comments as I did, and if the police show up at your door because of a swatting call, be sure to inform them that you’ve been threatened. If you live in an apartment rental, make sure the officers have your door code. I had to do this.

How to protect yourself against threats:

  1. If you live in an apartment, make sure you have a safe entry point. A three digit door code is sufficient, but some buildings have a multi button code like one of my friends has. What you do to get into her gated community is simple but can look daunting at times. You have to press multiple buttons to get into the apartment, and the buttons spell out the resident’s apartment number, which is consistent of a letter and numbers. Then, the resident is expected to use an intercom device at the door to let you in. In my building, a three digit code is typed into a front door key pad, or the gate code is used for driving residents. We have security at the front and back of our building. We have also got good guys who can look after one another. I will admit the first line of defense will be the code at your door.
  2. If you live in a house, modular structure, or condominium, make sure you have a security guard looking out for you twenty four hours a day. The more security, the better. Make sure that if you live in a private property, use smart locks and Ring doorbell from Amazon for instance to secure your home. Cameras are a best friend here, and make sure you have them inside and out.
  3. Here’s another tip: if you wanted to, you could get a big intimidating looking dog to secure the property, but if you can’t afford the food and care of the dog, you could still put “beware of dogs” signs and make your security alarm signal sound like a big attack dog. If that doesn’t work, place a dog dish in your backyard, and come up with an intimidating dog name like Killer or Brutus for example to ward off attackers. Nobody will notice but putting a dog dish on your protective areas in your home might intimidate folks who want to commit a serious hate crime against you.
  4. If you are attacked, make sure you have a great relationship with your local PD. If not, save all footage, and call the FBI if this is a multi state issue. IF someone in Georgia attacks a woman in Hawaii, for example, the FBI office in both areas should be notified. Make sure you have the alerts saved in your smartphone’s notification bar, and don’t erase them until the screenshots can be taken and the attorney for that area charges the attackers with crime.
  5. IF you dare to own attack dogs on your property, well, I wouldn’t recommend it. Dogs should always be well socialized and their handlers should communicate with all people around them, especially when a canine officer is in contact with a guide dog handler. My friend Sassy wrote about the importance of this on Facebook, so I won’t go into detail. But if you own dogs, be sure they have current rabies vaccines, are fed well, socialized, and are trained to perform whatever task you need them to. Do not allow the attack dogs to go after canine officers, as they do a very complicated job in and of themselves. If you have been threatened and you are indeed a canine officer, you have every right to protect yourself and your dog.
  6. If you can’t afford security detail twenty-four hours a day like some celebs, make sure you have all the threats saved in your hard drive, phone notes, or take screenshots of said threats. If an officer who saw the swatting absolutely can admit it was swatting, make sure the officer has a record of the phone call.

If 911 is misused for racial purposes:

  1. Never call 911 unless you’re bleeding or dying or your loved one is bleeding or dying. Never ever use 911 to report someone because they are of a different race than your own.
  2. When you use the 911 service, you are specifying a fire, harassment/threats, or emergency situation. Use the EMS or 911 system to report amber alerts or a child missing is found,. But solely using 911 as a means to deter black people from doing activities is illegal and could constitute fines and prison time.
  3. IF you have a current restraining order against someone, a spouse who was abusive for example, use 911 to call out the presence of your abuser. If a child predator abducts a child, then you can also use 911.
  4. If the house is burning down, obviously, call 911 and get the fire department in immediately.

I hope these tips help the Squad ladies: particularly Ilhan Omar, Rashida Talib, and Ayanna Presley as well as AOC. If you guys are willing to read this, feel free to make sure you have all the security details checked off your list. While AOC might not have the money to afford bodyguards, it might be essential to her well being.

As for Twitter, threatening comments and insults are technically not protected under free speech as illustrated above. Please, if you want to send a tweet, here’s what’s protected under free speech.

  1. Opinion statements: I think squash is gross. That is an example.
  2. Fact statements: Whales are enormous creatures who live on the beach. That is an example of fact.
  3. Expressive statements like, “I wish Star Trek came with more episodes. CAAAAAN!”
  4. Religious positive statements like, “Jesus loves you” or “I am a proud Jew/Muslim” are protected by free speech.

Thank you all for reading, and for more tips on trolls, check out the previous entry.


Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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