An Appeal to Good Stewards of the Internet

Dear readers,

The following is a very important thing that we must do to keep the Internet safe for everyone. First and foremost, child predators should not really be allowed to view children under age eighteen (18) on any social media platform, but the trickiest thing about being good stewards of the Internet is blocking out potentially violent and marginalizing behavior.

Let’s take a few examples.

1. President Orange, as I’d like to call him, wrote a disgussting manifesto in 280 chars or less, basically saying that my ladies in Congress should go back to war torn Somalia, should go back to lawless Palestine, should go back to gang ridden Central America, should go back to desolately poor and corrupt countries in Africa. I’m not kidding. He didn’t use the words, but he did get points from twitter and the GOP for putting that disgusting display of his narcissistic behavior up on Twitter. But the way the algorithms and moderation tools are set up, a second man is disadvantaged due to his disability and his class in life.

Meet Clayton Jacobs, also known as Esoteric Quality, a dear friend whose Twitter as of this moment is permanently suspended on appeal. This is disgusting on so many levels, and not even his own white friends are willing to stand up and do something so that Twitter learns a serious lesson from disadvantaging a man who is not even halfway famous like Joey Groseffa, and so many such numnuts like Justin Bieber, who doesn’t seem to care much about anything but money. Clayton’s life is full of things that would make a rapper cry, things like abuse and divorced parentage, the parents later rushing to relationships, one of which cauht Clayton in the middle. He wrote extensively about this sort of thing, so I’m not expecting him to tel others, but he will one day. He was at this moment not allowed to write on Twitter, and they tried to suspend him a lot for calling out an inhumane Trump administration. Twitter’s job is not to bend over backwards for the Trump or the Orange administration as I’d like to henceforth call it. The Orange administration has repeatedly tried to turn this country into Gilead, the fictional republic as written in the Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood.

2. I think people on social media are the ones who should be affecting change in our nation, but by silencing Mr. Jacobs, this Twitter platform as well as the Orange administration is doing nothin to solve the world’s, and more narrowly our nation’s, problems. Here are the things we should be working on.

First and foremost, Prez Orange is making it impossible for migrant families from places like El Salvador, Guatemala, and other Central and South American countries to flee to America for better lives. Well? Mr. President, you’ve lost me there. Why are you pushing people away with this savage interpretation of El Salvadorian people as members of MS13? I have a Latino friend named Henry who talks to people who want to quit the MS13 gang. And other gangs that roam around L.A. should take note. MS13 is not waht defines the people of El Salvador. Henry’s family are third generation Mexican immigrants. I was lucky to find him, but third generation immigrants such as Henry will have it hard. He would find it harder to do things in Mexico. What I’d propose is something like making Mr. President sit in his own filth at a “concentration camp” as defined by the great Alexandria Cortes. Alexandria Ocasio Cortes has it down pat. Those poor babies and toddlers! Those teenagers hving to look after the poor babies and toddlers, and Mr. President doesn’t know what it’s like to sit in his own filth for days at a time, nobody coming to anticipate your needs. He has his stupid and downright empty headed wife hugging him, and that should never happen if I want the desired effect. President Orange needs to keep his mouth shut about the conditions at the camps, and call it for what it is. It’s kids sitting in cages, something he’ll never have to face or so he hopes not. His administration is also enjoying Clayton’s suspension thinking he’ll never be able to tweet again, never be able to call out his trusted little lady friend, Conway. Well, George, back me up here. Is Clayton right to call out your wife for absolving Orange of his racist behavior? It’s the words he says that might land Omar, Talib, Presley, and Cortes dead on the floor or worse, raped by fanatics. Those women should just tell it like it is.

What is America to me? Well, as an American, I was brought up to understand that freedom meant I could have opinions. Orange is cozying up to dictators like Kim Jong-Un, who is not excellent, and if it were up to me, he’d not be there in the first place, and I’d rescue many disabled folks in goulags and other horrific conditions. I’d take the people, the little people out of their inferior little people village. I know what the little people want, because it’s waht I want. Acceptance. I know Rebecca Cockley, a little lady as I might call her, and she would be the first person I’d use to counsel the little people of North Korea into believing they can be accepted and not laughed at. Blind people in that country will, under my administration, learn Braille. And ENglish will become their proper language. Kim will be so furious but that’s waht he gets for being a bad boy, right? Orange would just treat him with kid gloves. Well, if it was up to me, and or Clayton, no more Mr. Nice Guy, or as Matilda would say, “No more Miss Nice Girl. No more pretty little prissy Princess for that guy over there. And MBS would be tried in the international criminal court for the crime of killing critics. He’d have to spend his last days with no title, just his name. No princely gold will ever buy him out of jail. I’d gather the evidence that Jamal was killed by order of MBS. And Saudi Arabia would be ordered to give up its royal family as a result. I’d allow the women to lead, choose what the holy land would be, etc. No more of the constricting clothing for women, no more being shut up in your house by law. Hey, Ilhan Omar would b great at that. The whole feminist advocating for women would be hers to do, and since she’d be a great asset to Congress, if she wants, I’d add her to the ambassadorship to Somalia, open up some diplomatic doors and such.

Good stewards of the Internet imagine what it is like to have a world free of white supremacy. Here’s one other tip: blindfold everybody in the world. Or give them special glasses that blot out color of skin and hair, and make them to read books about people without mention of ethnic backgrounds and such. Perhaps for the avowed nationalists, a Giver style world might be appropriate. Clayton’s blindness is his asset, and for others, it might seem tragic. But for Clayton and me and countless others, we see blindness as a characteristic and asset.

I’d appeal to all of you readers. Please overrun the social media sphere with Clayton’s story and tell the world what disadvantaged disability activists like him have to deal with.

Look for Struggles of a Blind Man available everywhere, even Apple Music.


Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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