Dope, the Drugs We’re Doing Now, and Why They’re Deadly

Dear readers,

If any one of you has ever visited Mexico, you could tell me one thing about it. Mexico has become synonymous with the drug trade, however, and the Cena Loa drug cartel is trading something deadly fierce. It’s called fontanel, and it’s so bad it kills thousands a year.

Some people might think the narcan that revives heroin addicts should not be used and addicts should die for being addicts, but that’s not what this post is about. I want to bring your attention to why people are selling and doing fontanel.

For one, heroin doesn’t give them that high anymore. Heroin laced with fontanel might kill you, could kill you, or will kill you depending on the batch. The big debate I want to spotlight is should drug dealers suffer life sentences or the death penalty for distributing this deadly narcotic? I don’t think so, and here’s why.

Sometimes death doesn’t deter, and it never will. Death is the ultimate liberation of a person, but putting a poor disenfranchised Latino drug dealer away for life isn’t the answer. Prisons are overcrowded, and drugs and drug trafficking and possession should never be a reason to go to jail for life. El Chapo was put in the clink for reasons other than just the drugs. He ordered people to die at the hands of hitmen. Joaquin Guzman will likely never see his family again outside lockup. That is the sad truth of things.

The other side of the fontanel debate lies with who gets to be dealers and distributers of this devilish death trap. You could call this drug “quick death” for the way it kills you after you shoot it up, mind you it kills you painlessly. But the people who deal in this deadly thing are mostly blacks and Latinos, some users are white and they prostitute themselves so they can get high. This drug thing is precisely why we need a better plan for sex workers. Not all sex workers take drugs. Though there are a great many Floozy Susies on the corner who do take drugs and deal in crime, there are those in Vegas who don’t do this.

Sometimes, as I’ll state in another post and as I’ve stated before, sex work isn’t just a man throwing a female around and all that. Sex work should be about showing couples, single guys, single ladies, whatever, how to communicate with each other. In the days of legal sex work, as one sex worker wrote in an opinion piece and in her story in the Huffington Post, people lack communication and sexual intimacy that is healthy or without chaos. I’m sorry, but people have the wrong idea about prostitutes and sex workers in a legal standpoint because of drugs and crime.

There are many females who can’t find jobs anywhere, so sex work should be legal in that sense. As long as the female is treated with respect, and they get to dominate the experience, things won’t be so bad. And the female who works and deals in sex should never have to do it in place of a normal job unless she really thinks she has what it takes to do it like they do in Spain. Now, the fontanel fix does come to some of those women, and I saw two or three of them injecting themselves with drugs and such.

The big problem is overdosing. Tristen should probably consider going to a safe injecting site, where someone can clean up after her and take care of her so she can get her fix safely. Overdosing doesn’t just happen behind closed doors. Supervising people like doctors should take the lead in making sure heroin users stay alive, and have their fix. Fontanel from China should indeed be illegal, as it is, but there are still border mules in Mexico and so on bringing this “quick death” to Boston and NYC. It’s sad.

Here are a few recommendations, if any, that could help in this situation.

  1. Safe injecting sites are my top thing. I would never use unless someone was watching me, and if I showed signs of overdosing, maybe it would be a good thing I was at a safe injecting place because then, the persons supervising would be able to revive me and keep me from overdosing. That is the lead problem with addicts.
  2. Education always helps. Knowledge is power, nothing wrong with a little drug awareness training. Nothing like Dare or Scared Straight, but something that could use science and anatomy to teach about drug use and how it affects the human body, mind, and sexual things as well.
  3. In the safe injection sites, let’s make sure the needles are clean and sterile. This is definitely a plus because then the users don’t have to worry so much about catching diseases like HIV. That can kill you more slowly than the fontanel but still.
  4. We should never sentence dealers to death or life in prison. Maybe regulating this drug would be a good thing. If you put a ton of tax and revenue and prescriptions on something, then it’s legal. Controlled substances like opiates should never be used outside a doctor’s care, period. Drugs that give you highs like heroin does, in all ways, should never be prescribed unless there are no alternatives that are legal. If opioids are used, especially if you’re a known addict, doctors should no doubt closely monitor you for signs of use and abuse of the leftovers, or they should ask when the last time it was you had methadone or fontanel. There you go.


Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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