Why Use a VPN and other weird Matters

Dear Readers,

I think the weirdest matter to take command of today is why some stickers ended up all over a bookstore hosting Drag Queen Story Time for kids. First and foremost, I don’t give a hoot about who the hell is reading to my children, as long as they are learning to love books and be tolerant and awesome people, right? So for the haters who’ve hated on Drag Queen Story Hour, stop it. These people are simply dressing up in drag, reading to kids, and I would read to kids dressed up as characters from a book, including a guy. So what’s wrong with a girl dressing up like that? What about a man in a dress? Any drag outfit is fine with me. Drag queen story hour is not what we and kids need protection from. It’s the bigots who threw vandalizing things on the bookstore property. To the guys and gals responsible for this hatred, hate groups are no match for the love these drag queens have of reading to kids. For Heaven’s sakes, let anyone read to children. Hey, I read to kids at one point, and they came to love when I read Braille books to them. The kids took note. I was like them, loving to read. The younger ones wanted to see the pictures, of course, and they loved hearing the animation. I had the most animated second grade teacher, Ms. Ethel Kozak, who read many a book to us kids while we sat there and listened. She made villains appear meaner, nice people appear nicer, and so much more. Would it have been any different with drag queens? I think not.

Drag queen story hour is something I could go on about, but let me now offer you a tip on traveling in Internet restrictive areas of the world, like China. First, use a VPN such as Express VPN. It has the added bonus of being located in the BVI (British Virgin Islands.) This means you get total privacy while browsing the web, and of course reading my blog entries. Just be careful not to let the Chinese or worse, the Myanmari government see what I’m writing here because it’s none of their damned business. Of course, if you can’t access my blog in really far flung areas of the world, first thing just check your Wifi and VPN settings and make damn sure you’re connected. Secondly, if you wanna read my blog, go to a private space. This is a sacred book, not like the sacred book you might read on Sundays or Fridays. This is, however, a sacred book flooded with ideas, thoughts, opinions. This isn’t a divine instruction manual, I swear to all things good.

Because it is the fiftieth anniversary of the Stonewall riots, I want to bring attention to a really disturbing thing Boston did. A straight pride parade will be held at all, and this is what makes it so stupid: Mylo Yanopolis, that ugly trollfaced idiot, will be mascot and grand martial for the parade. Waht the hell is this thing celebrating exactly? Whites have like next to nothing to celebrate, except privilege, eating caviar and foie gras and steak daily, living large, and keeping black people out of restaurants at all times. White people are celebrated for the Trail of Tears, which wiped out half the Cherokee nation. Now, Cherokees aren’t a nation as much anymore. Blame it all on Jackson who removed so many good people from the land that was owed to them, that they got there first wasn’t a concern. Mary Musgrove wasn’t that important in the eyes of Georgia history either. Ugh. If you read a book on the history of any of the former Confederate states of freaking America, you will find ugly truths that go so far as to block out black and gay folks from history. And we’re supposed to believe that a straight pride parade can be held anywhere? Even in the place where I was treated like a queen, Legal’s Seafood’s hometown? Where the blind get a special transit card for the T? Where people are that sweet and actually dress in their finest for a beach wedding? Where clam chowder is the staple of many a fancy banquet? Why? Boston, what have you to say for yourselves? Mylo Yanopolis is a troll, a liar, banned from all social media, can’t say a word, and you’re letting him spew his hatred across your city? I find it disturbing, very disturbing that any one city in America would allow a hate group to do a parade. Straight pride is akin to allowing Proud Boys and other known white supremacist groups, antigay and sexist groups and others to perform stunts promoting their bullshit. I have always been a fan of civil rights, but these guys? These stupid white nationals are causing Esoteric Quality a lot of pain, stunning my friends in Boston with their hate, and trying to erase the rights of women to do what they want and should for their body and mind health. Alabama is a handmaid state thanks in part to people who avow as white nationals, and of course a GOP led government body that doesn’t give a crap and a district attorney said they would not pursue charges of murder against a pregnant woman who lost her baby? This is all because of white male privileged … dare I say this? Assholes. Assholes, assholes, assholes. I have to write this three times over because there’s no better way to describe it.

I don’t wish violence on anybody, but any white supremacist like the guy who trolled me years back certainly needs a wake up call. These stupid white people who tramp on my rights, the rights of my fiance and his family, the rights of all citizens not born in Gilead, these people are going to possibly become what the Handmaid’s Tale foretells. They will be church leaders, forcing women to have sex with them in exchange for babies born of their own blood, and they will send all women deemed unfit and impregnable to their stupid little colonies in the sea. The unwomen, as Atwood calls these people. Black women will not submit to handmaidhood, but rather if they are seen, they will probably end up where all the un-women ed up, in labor camps. I don’t say this to threaten, hurt, or doom people. It is a prediction I’m seeing in Alabama, and we need to stop it before it is too late, and straight pride parades are held everywhere. In all cases, white and straight men should not be holding a parade to celebrate their nasty privilege that has held sway for the entire life of this country.

We have a Juneteenth parade in Denver, sadly I wasn’t there. But Juneteenth is a celebration of the emancipation of slaves in the former Confederacy and so on. Trenton would have likely been enslaved had this never come to pass. It was a courageous Abraham Lincoln who freed all the slaves, but white people are trying to do what they did in Reconstruction era history, vote out colored government officials. We won’t let this happen, and the LGBTQIA community will not stand for Gilead, not its flag or its holy books or its torches or its hoods or its forced servitude both physically and sexually of all young women who are white. We will stand for the United States of America, its stars and stripes, and the pride flag, the trans pride flag, and yes, the flag stands for freedom, freedom from all constraints on abortion, freedom from sexual servitude, freedom from forced marriages, freedom from unneeded guardianship and conservatorships, freedom from pain and suffering as a result of who you are, the color of your complexion, or character. I will never stand for Gilead, only the U.S. ANd I will never be classified as a handmaid, not allowed to read a book, write this blog, or sing songs of love and heartache, and I will never submit to Commander Jason in any way. I have a man I desired, and from the beginning, I desire him. Over all men, he is the best I’ve had, and I don’t want any other. As for the name Commander Jason, I could be talking about Jason Kesler, an avowed white supremacist. I could be talking about Jasons or Franks or Freds or Bobs in all the old Confederacy states who want and desire a child, but can’t have one.

Guess what? There’s a thing called adoption. Let the adoption agency do the work of finding you a child. This way, I can remain Elizabeth and not OfJason. Or worse, OFred. Or Ofsteven. Oh, I could name many guy names in here, but it stops here.

I could be known as a Martha, in charge of cooking and chopping, but I won’t let some commander Fred ruin my career. Nobody touches my friends, nobody. Nobody messes up this country, whose states number fifty, not two and one. Religious fanatics must keep their fanaticism to themselves, for it is not welcome. Do I wish the holy book said, verily I say unto you, leave my women alone! Don’t use free and forced handmaid’s work to get a child, don’t use us as vessels for breeding, don’t talk to us if you can’t stop hating us. Don’t mess around with women who are in relationships, don’t get on top of comatose disabled women who can’t even say no. Just don’t.

In any case, I’m pooped. The power blinkd eight plus times, more than sixteen times and it is rather hot as an oven outside, I could bake in here.

Hatred has no place in a land of freedom, so we must follow that principle.

Thank you.


Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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