Some news you readers should know

Dear Readers,

Esoteric Quality is back in business. Except I have to call out Twitter for hypocrisy in suspending his right to post for weeks on end. I can understand high profile supremacists and conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones being suspended, same with all the other people who supported InfoWars. But Esoteric Quality must be allowed to speak his mind. This has been happening too many times since Trump took office, and in some people’s minds, priority. Trump blocked me on Twitter, which he isn’t supposed to do because he’s a world leader and blocking your opponents on Twitter is pure censorship. I would like to thank Clayton for popping in and texting me unexpectedly when he did, and I celebrate the accomplishments we can get done together. As for Twitter, let this man post. Revoke all suspensions, and do not do it again. Putting Trump opponents in time out for being who and what they are is appalling. Stop persecuting Esoteric Quality and his friends, permanently let him post, and indeed, suspend Trump and his tweets. I don’t want Trump tweeting any more conspiracies and lies as much as the next guy, but him being a world leader does not put him above your terms of service, which Clayton is following. You accuse him of violating every paragraph of the terms because you can, because you have a bro out crush on Trump, not any empathy for the activists who are working hard to secure a better and safer world for disabled people’s existence.

Here are the amendments you can make to the “terms.”:

1. No person shall use Twitter to incite violence, terrorism, and hate.

2. Any white supremacist, antigay, antiwoman, and other antis who wish to incite violence through Twitter will b permanently suspended from the system.

Thank you all for your cooperation in reading this, and I stand with Clayton as he tries to get his Twitter back in business. Please make sure you know either myself or him before you message or text because that is probably the only way he can be reached. If you’re on Mewe, you can find him there as well. Plase follow me there on Mewe as well, at the following link:

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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