Hateful Comments Are Not Allowed!!!

Dear friends,

I want to make one thing clear. Victim blaming and speaking against my chorus friends will not be allowed anywhere, whether on my blog or on my pages which include, but are not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Mastodon, and Mewe. So if you want to write something like I posted earlier in my Facebook and it was a screenshot of my post plus hateful words spoken about black people and LGBTQI+ individuals, you will be out of my circle. I can’t fathom why anyone, including the woman who wrote the hateful piece of crap on my Facebook, would even go about doing so. Here is some of the misinformation she’s written about me and my chorus friends:

1. She says homosexuals are pedophiles. Bullshit. None of this is true. Pedophiles are specifically a type of child molester who is genuinely sexually attracted to kids. This is dangerous, and can be treated with counseling and meds like anyone else would do it. Pedophiles sometimes abuse girls, some boys. Some abuse both. But pedophiles do not care if a kid consents, and the behavior of such is that the molester, including a pedophile, grooms the child for sex in slow deliberate or perhaps whirlwind steps that include subjugating the child subject so that they have to let the adult abuse them in the end. Homosexuals are and I repeat are NOT that way. I’ve spent so much time with these people, and the thing that differentiates them is something that even someone without a psych degree can learn: consent. Gay and lesbian and bisexual or whatever else you are is fine with me, and teens should know that this is okay. But this girl who wrote the hateful comment, if anything, should be asking herself why she would misinform a more progressive public about LGBTQI+ individuals. What on earth is she thinking?

2. She blamed Michael Brown for his death. Wrong. Michael Brown died because of the error of the cop, and no black boy deserves to die. None. Black lives do matter, including that of my fiancé, who is black, my fiancés family, his mom and grand mom, and many other African Americans who might distrust the police. There has been a NAACP travel advisory on the state of Missouri, which my fiancé and I follow in case the cops want to shoot one of us for drugs. No, that is not what they should have done to Michael Brown and Alton Sterling and Stefan Clark, and so many others. Shooting a black unarmed man should be a felony murder charge, automatic life imprisonment, and restitution for the families involved. This hateful woman doesn’t know that Danielle Jacobs, who died soon after revealing she wanted to live authentically as a male, was shot to death by the cops because they were disabled and mixed race possibly. The cops saw them pull a knife out, but finished the suicide job not knowing that that was what they wanted. Their brother lives with that regret every single year. HE has to wake up with nightmares, he has to find a place that will bury her properly, his poor sister had Evangelical uncles who damned her to Hell. So her brother had to bury her, and had to speak up to get a settlement which amounted to more than 80,000 big ones because the cops screwed up. And this man, mind you, is not the only one who’s had a tussle with the Mesa police department. And Mesa is hardly the only place with no regard for disabled human life.

3. She discriminated against my support of Gala Choruses, incorporated misinformation from the old testament into it, stating that homosexuality is “an abomination in God’s eyes.” Uh, wrongo. What happened when we said pork was an abomination in God’s eyes? And shellfish? I sure can’t give up the crispy bacon. But the homosexuality part? Jesus did not say this, and true Christians should understand that damning people to Hell for who they are is the greater sin. So what if you liked it when the riots broke out in NYC? That fifty year old problem became the Gay Rights Movement, which turned into my friend Christine living as she wants to be, her authentic self. She is a loving and very happy woman, transgender and all, and has the rights of every human being under her being. She can do whatever she wants, use whatever bathroom she wants, do what she wants and eat wherever she desires. I enjoyed shopping with her. Where’s the misinformation in that? Nowhere. The movement resulted in my friends Julie and Sena, both proud out women who’ve married their desired partners, one is not gonna stop her work and she’s an extremely outgoing awesome lady I’ve come to know as a friend, a mother, and she and her female spouse have found a great balance. Julie is a bookworm, I think, and I’ve gotten to know some great things about her. She recommended one of my next book adventures I’m going to dive into. In no way does this movement mean sin. The misinformed idiots who really don’t get it are going to have to reevaluate themselves, and put themselves in the shoes of the LGBTQI+ individuals and black people they hurt every day with their words.

I’d like to thank my chorus buddies for standing with me, for telling me things will be fine. The ignorance and hatred toward these individuals is paramount in the girl’s comments. I was, indeed, mistreated for being disabled and born out of wedlock. She blames me for this. This is another classic case of what we call textbook victim blaming. I have had sexual jokes told about me, namely by an ex. That ex went on to hurt nine other girls around the country, and he could harass and even rape women around the world online. How is that, you ask? Well, all you need to do is grab a mouse or keyboard, microphone, a webcam, and then the question you would ask is, “Can I see your titties/private parts on cam?” This guy could do it without a cam, as he can’t see, but he could still ask, “Will you make me aroused?” He could do anything to harass women and talk homophobic and transphobic comments. HE has alienated many people who could have been his friends, and one such is a transgender who came and stayed at my house once so they could go to gala choruses. I support the work of the Denver Women’s Chorus. The hatred and ignorant comments stop right here. My friends are amazing and I won’t stop loving and caring for these people, and their world is as much mine as it is their own. IF anyone wants to comment here in any way, the blog or Facebook, please be respectful and don’t spout misinformation about anything from shots to homosexuality. It is important that impressionable young minds who read this find nothing but true statements here.

As for my blaming everything on my mistreatment, the victim blaming, that stops here too. I’m going to pass on going to church, all this because churches don’t cater to blind individuals who are in relationships outside of a wedding. They are too strict and won’t help you if you don’t follow their rules and doctrines. Forget that. I should be entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Why? Because hell, it says so in the Constitution, and I was denied this in Florida because of lying ass parents who do not get it.

So now I live in Colorado, and am struggling to find happiness, but who gave me that happiness? Yep, Soar choir and DWC. If anyone thinks it’s a sin, it’s not. Let people be who they are, don’t blame victims of mistreatment for their mistreatment, and stop vouching for white cops who shoot unarmed black men. Black lives do matter.

Thank you all for your support, and to the DWC sisters who might see this, you go get ’em. I will have to blog again later.


Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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