Dear Readers,

In order to give you the best information out there, I have to take something off my chest. On March 13, two friends who I thought would support me forever decided to turn on me in a heartbeat. I’ve considered my options: suicide, punishing the friends who turned on me, and ultimately devoting my career to destroying all rivals. Let’s face it: DJ Hey and Esoteric Quality, and I’m using stage names here because you guys know these folks, don’t give a damn whether I fail or even die. These folks ultimately owe me a five hundred page apology, not just five paragraphs. I may be exaggerating, but EQ follows my fiancee, Trenton, and I’m upset that Trenton doesn’t care to tell EQ that he’s wrong. Well, he is. I could have easily taken my life over this because my local friends work, and at this moment I could miss a gig for Soar because they did not prioritize me for transportation so that I don’t have to spend oodles of cash on a taxi, Uber, or other ride-share options. Ride sharing can be dangerous, as we all know when a young South Carolina college student died in a car she thought was her Uber. It was a bad and ultimately vicious murderer.

Now, with EQ and DJH gone from Twitter and Facebook, I often wonder what to do with their careers. DJH thinks she can succeed but the truth is, well, the way she didn’t care too much for me is wrong. She’s wrong in blocking and removing me from her phone, WhatsApp groups, twitter, and Facebook. Her name came up a few times, and I was tempted to report her for the personal abuse she threw at me. Let me just say why these friends are wrong: because my family had been wrong in isolating me.

When I was in middle and high school, my family repeatedly isolated me for having suicidal ideations, a big no no. When I was told not to see someone, I balked and ultimately planned how I was going to throw my family a curve ball and have them ousted. Evidently, this didn’t work. I moved to Colorado because of the failed friendships in Florida, and let me explain what I mean. Orien Henry is the number one on my list of things to settle, and he does not think my mind is “all there.” If he had only given me a chance to go to prom instead of church, if we only had a moment of real teenage interaction such as dating, if we only did all that stuff, I would not be writing this here in my blog. Orien doesn’t get it, and because of his excuses and overt cooperation with evil, also known as a guardianship, I can’t possibly find it within myself to think forward. My parents ultimately wielded their stupidity as a weapon, and yet EQ and DJH don’t care. This is a set of people, there are other names I could mention too, that clearly don’t get it.

One day, EQ could be 92 years old like Trenton’s grandmother will be in July, and he will have his assets liquidated, his medications overdosed, and worse off, his whole estate turned over to a predatory guardian if something isn’t done to ensure that doesn’t happen. He could one day own purebred dogs, a mansion in Malibu, and many other things, but along comes a predator and what do you know! It will all be gone, and he will be thin as a rail in a nursing home in South Central L.A., or even in his home state. Celebrities like Heather Locklier have become targets for these predatory Conservatorships, and even Amanda Bynes will likely be more of a target as she grows into a middle aged or elderly woman. DJH could of course suffer the same fate, especially because California has some of the worst cases on record for guardianship, disability rights, and other problems. Heck, Prop 8 trials were held there. I followed the Proposition 8 trial tracker like crazy back in college, and I’m glad it was struck down.

Let me just say this: there is no excuse to shit on another human being. What DJH and EQ did was wrong, sneaky, and perhaps vague at best. I wouldn’t want them to suffer the way many old celebrities suffered or future elders would suffer. I do this work because people are all valuable, including the two folks I mentioned above. But let’s face it: if EQ wants to be successful, here’s what I know he has to do:

1. Move to Los Angeles or New York.

2. Find mentors (preferably some people who’ve done this stuff for years) that produce their own music and beats and sing/rap that can show him the ropes.

3. Take pics of himself with the help of a good damn photographer.

4. Get creative with his albums, music, and so on. The number one thing is he must move to California, where the music is big. Nashville would be another choice, but buses ultimately don’t run well in the South, a lot worse than Denver. I should know, I lived in a boondocks county in Florida for 23 years, and Tallahassee seemed no better. The nation as a whole must come to grips with how it treats its females with all manner of disability, and must ensure that when a female is elderly, she is treated with highest honor and respect. I will not put up with rest or nursing home abuse. It would make me cringe to see what will be in store for Britney Spears, and Stevie Wonder might live beyond a hundred, but being black and blind oftentimes puts a person at risk of not getting the care they need.

Take the men in the hip hop industry. There are a bunch of them who do criminal acts and a bunch who don’t. The bunch who do make the bunch that don’t look extremely incompetent. There was a rapper with Hustle in his name that was recently murdered. Rest in peace, friend. This should never happen. There was another two young rappers that died young, but then there’s this one guy who went to prison for long periods of time over murderous activities.

Why do I mention this? Because the mentors for blind people and other people struggling to move in the industry are few and far between. EQ has a choice of people he could look to. His people, however, don’t live in Los Angeles, California. But my ideal mentor would have to have the following creds on his/her resume:

1. No criminal record.

2. No murder record.

3. No guns on property.

4. No sex offense data against children and women.

5. Good talent with singing or producing.

6. Credibility when it comes to sexual harassment if female or male, doesn’t matter.

7. If the guy/girl mentoring me has a drug problem, they better be taking care of that problem, twelve steps and all.

8. No religious imposition.

9. Don’t push sex on me since I’ve got someone to do it with anyway. Unless something weird happened, I really don’t want to mix romance with professional work. Oftentimes, it doesn’t work.

10. The guy/girl should respect my rights to privacy in the bedroom, bathroom, and other things related thereto.

How hard is it to find such a mentor? Obviously, I would prefer a blind person, but that’s hard to find. If sighted, the mentor should be willing to pick up some of the work, not all.

What celebrities often engage in is wholely inappropriate gossip as well. EQ being famous scares me because he could, if he chose, gossip about hi rivals. I’m not going to engage in hip hop or R and B music. I might try folk, but if hip hop and dance call my name, fine. Whatever is in demand is in demand. But sexual appeal is another thing.

The medications I take are weight gain problems. I found out I was a size … drumroll please … 18 in skirts and dresses. I went shopping with a choir buddy for a gig I had to do at a hotel last Thursday, and the size numbers keep creeping up. I ultimately can’t live like this anymore.

You guys might also be asking, when will you write an informative essay? I plan to do more of these. Here are the topics I plan to cover:

1. The Special Olympics.

2. Blind and deaf people’s resources, and why they shouldn’t be cut.

3. Braille literacy being all important.

4. Mental health check ups and why they’re important.

5. College admissions continued. Btw, the number one rule for celebrities should be this: don’t cheat the system. More on that in a future post.

I plan to do the informative essay writing, but I need you readers to understand why I was away for so long. I may miss a gig in Boulder like I said because a ride was not found. I’ll be damned if I lose friends over this.

If anyone wants to lend their support to this blog, and you’ve come across this, feel free to respectfully comment. Trolls will be hunted like the trolls they are and deleted. In any case, I’m not going to take certain people’s comments seriously, and that is because they are either Trump supporters or they don’t want to see me succeed in what I do.

To the folks I mentioned here, your withdrawal will be met with a flood of losses on both yall’s parts. You have already lost a fan, EQ, and your song was erased from my iTunes library. Want it back there? Then apologize for taking this way too far, and for nearly costing me my whole life. I was trapped on the 13th floor of my building, and being friends with Trenton isn’t gonna cut it.

I was also attacked viciously about sexual matters, and I won’t write why because it’s too much. I already have a therapy consult. I need Trenton’s help, but he can only do so much, but you don’t get it. I want friendships with other blind individuals who actually have empathy, which is like 20% of the blind population from what I’ve observed. Too many blind men don’t have empathy for their friends, other folks, victims of abuse. I want special gifts in my man, and I found them, but your cold denial is not going unnoticed. I demand you stop this angry withdrawal and hostility toward me immediately. I will be monitoring your albums and work and TMZ and all the newspapers to make sure that not one word threatens my life or the lives of other women and girls.

DJH, I don’t even understand why you would do something terrible as you did on that fateful day. You don’t even have a right to take away support. You promised you’d support me forever and true friendships last. You broke a promise to me, and so maybe you should write a five paragraph essay explaining what is wrong with this. I’d advocate for you but your hostility is plain to see. The silence is deafening for the both of you, and you both have until next year to come back. I’m not saying hat will happen, but you both won’t be winning grammies in this time frame, and I will again monitor TMZ, newspapers, BuzzFeed, and other news sources to see that your names and identifying details are nowhere to be found.

I’m sorry this had to come to this, but you guys have two choices: apologize and support me and this blog or get off the Internet and don’t even try to mention my name anywhere. Don’t become famous celebs with sequined shirts and gowns. Don’t sleep with the pretty actress in L.A. who wants to flirt with you constantly backstage after a performance. Don’t dance with the old Spanish actor who greeted you at a theater performance, and don’t throw parties at a beach house in San Fran before your fame goes bust. I can’t fathom life without friends or supports, and I have to have that to live, to breathe, to type this blog. So you two need to give this some thought. Write an essay and I’ll get back to you later.


Beth Taurasi

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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