What’s With All This Gun Violence?

Dear Readers,

In the Netherlands and New Zealand recently, there have been acts of gun violence, against Muslims, against white people, etc. There’s one thing Jacinta Ardor is doing about the gun violence: she’s banning assault and military style weapons. I say, good. But what about the United States?

There’s one thing we should do: disband the NRA. The NRA is perpetuating a culture where it’s okay to shoot our fellow human beings for any reason i.e. you’re fired from a job, you don’t like someone, or that someone’s religion or race is too much to handle for you. Well, that’s a bunch of sorry excuses to shoot people. Here are the solutions we should be employing to stop these senseless acts of gun violence:

First, start with bans on all assault rifles as Ms. Ardor did. Also, disband any lobbying group that allows for the advocacy of the use of such weapons in civilian society. The NRA should be held accountable for mass shootings because rifles, by their nature, are deadly. Only military and police should be using such weaponry, but the NRA validates their use by civilians. Should a civilian be allowed to buy a gun if they have homicidal thoughts? Of course not. Gun background checks should be completed for civilians who wish to purchase a low capacity shotgun, of course, and should said thing in question have been in place earlier, my ex’s brother would have been alive.

Secondly, let’s try diplomatic solutions to the underlying problems. So we take guns of high capacity away from civilians. Okay, then what? It starts with showing individuals of color or Muslims or whatever that they are welcome on this planet. PBS shows like the Puzzle Place showed diversity in thought, race, religion, etc., so why they were replaced with simply informative bullshit about animals and oversimplified messages is beyond me. We need to reboot shows like the Puzzle Place, where it’s okay to be yourself. There was a Chinese character, a Jewish girl, a black boy, many other characters. Of course, the cat and dog were there to add to the fun. If kids watch more shows like this, and less of the violent bullshit like … oh, whatever you find on the Internet, and if we keep kids away from violent video games too, maybe they’ll learn that solutions to dislike of someone can more easily be found without use of a gun. It’s not so easy to do, but the informative shows need to be given the back burner because we have a huge crisis on our hands.

If you don’t like someone, and you’re forced to work with them, stop and think, why don’t I like a person? Trenton is hardly the first person I met who was black, but there was a girl who hated me at first. Krista Waters did not get along with me at first, but because I regret not knowing what she could have offered, I did research on her people. I stumbled upon books about Martin Luther King Jr., and then felt like I did the wrong thing by not letting her into my life. A few years later, I found myself at the Zora Neale Hurston festival, looking at pictures and African American arts and culture. Food was a big thing, and I enjoyed the curried chicken and so on. If you do enough research on Muslims, you’ll probably get the same results.

I converted to Islam temporarily to avoid religious conflict with my ex. Deq was a Somali born man who went blind at eight. The one thing I took away from the Islam thing was this though: Islam must reform in order for women and especially those that are blind to be safe. Jordanian people seem to be the most progressive, but Somalis have fallen to lawlessness, but Deq’s beliefs I wasn’t comfortable with. Jihad and the treatment of women did have a role in why I left the community, but not as big as the ableist viewpoints of Muslim brothers. I wanted someone I trusted to be my husband, not a stranger from a bulletin board. That’s why I left.

In any case, doing my homework played a role. My experiences at a doctor’s office also played a role.

I don’t think a lot of churches understand the role that hate and violence plays in their ministries. While doing research on hate groups, I stumbled upon many groups disguise as churches. Things like Soldiers of Oden seemed more obvious, but there were weird titles such as the Church of Christ somethings and other. Churches must never preach hate and violence, or superiority of a race or whatever. In any case, violence and abstract thinking on hate and the abstract titles of hate groups don’t help matters.

Thank you all for the support of this blog. Please feel free to comment on this entry. Respect is appreciated and required for comments to be approved.


Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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