My Triumph

Dear readers,

I’m sitting in my kitchen. Lights are on. I should turn them off. But I was having a camera practice session with a document with Seeing AI. It doesn’t do well in this building, and I could use the Danny Boy smartphone holder. Gosh, things hav become weird.

In any case, I would like to announce that I’m in the Denver Women’s chorus. The women’s chorus part I’m singing is second soprano, which is fine. There is one other blind woman in the chorus, which is good. I was able to pair everything back up with this new phone I’m typing on. I will be telling the story of the DWC from my perspective. I must admit the director is cool, but dues. Dues, dues, dues. What the hell would I do if I had to give up grocery money? And without a smartphone like my iPhone, I would not be able to read documents properly. I’m trying to hold steady and take pics with it too, and the depth in the front shooter is stunning, but I can’t set up Face ID in lighting so poor in this stupid building. So, well, I better talk about it. It’s embarrassing to admit that as a blind person, with no family support and adequate care in mental health circles, I have to shell out thirty bucks. A month. I”m not complaining here, but that same amount has to finance something that can help me. Some blind people may view this as a stupid thing, purchasing a new phone, but it’s what it is because the overpriced phone is the only type that will support Seeing AI, and the iPhone 8 will have Voiceover bugs on it, something a friend of mine reported and Apple refused to document.

Well, I’m sitting here with an XR beside me. I’m at this point triumphant that I am in chorus, but I must have a chat with the treasurer about dues, and I’d be willing to use some prize money for financing things I need because needs come at you like a drop of a hat. That old phone I had was on its last legs, and I didn’t get much for the trade in without having to add a whole other voice line. I missed it so I can’t get that promo. It sucks that people just don’t want to tell me these things.

Well, my social profiles are on Chorus Connections, and I want everybody to know that everybody in th DWC has so ar been nice and cool. I can’t wait to meet other women with other occupations related to music, maybe someone will take me under her wing. As for working at clubs, I will have to juggle thand schedule everything chorus related and Soar, and then there’s the moneymaker. Thank you all for following me, and I look forward to showing you my vantage point.

And of course, I’ll talk progressive issues and informative stuff on current events as well.


Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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