Notes from a Choir Audition

Dear readers,

I’m super happy to report that my audition is done. I’m really happy but a bit nervous about whether I should be selected for choir. I’m super excited about the possibilities, the open opportunities to do things. I’m also excited about blogging, yes, about choir matters, about solo tryouts, notes from a DWC singer. LEt’s just see what Mark’s email reveals! I won’t screenshot it since a lot of you on Twitter are blind, and a lot of friends on Facebook are blind. But I’m thoroughly looking forward to working with Mark and Alison and Gloria. Even more, Amy was sweet, but I’m going to have to make sure she can drive me, even after I may be moving to the new apartment. I don’t want to be thirty minutes away from my fiance or husband. That would scare me, and certain friends are probably hoping I don’t make the choir. The big problem here is that if certain friends don’t want me to join the choir, they’re hindering my dreams, hindering my life, and altogether hindering everything I want to do for the sake of traditional jobs that don’t exist. As a blind person, I have an 80% chance of not being hired in a mainstream position, and with bipolar and border line personality written all over my profile, and we’re not talking Facebook here, but we’re talking med charts here, but with all that there, nobody’s going to hire me in a blindness org position. CCB as we’ve seen only hires insiders and NFB top brass, which sucks because there are many people who like me want to be better, teach, or learn. Art wanted to teach Braille, but age and lack of NFB brass officer status wouldn’t allow him to continue. Art would have been underemployed. CCB isn’t my first choice of place to go, but worse, I don’t think working with blind orgs is my calling. Music has been a lifesaver for me, and to top it off, I just hope the email goes through, but I studied music in college and did well at it in high school. Oh well. Mr. Davis, my former choral director, would never want me to excel in music and accompany the choir. He discriminated against me for being blind, and only cared for his image at competitions, but that’s Brevard County Floridians for you. They will deny they’ve done wrong for a long time, then the truth comes out. For example, the case of Dawn Blanchert’s baby and the unsafe conditions at her group facility. Robert Blanchert clearly got mad in a USA Today article because of the way his daughter was used. Females with disabilities could be used and abused in Florida a lot more than any other state, and it is a small wonder that guardianship abuse is rampant. People with disabilities must fight for their right to exist in that space they desire, not be denigrated, the right not to be segregated to disability orgs that cut them down, judge them or skills and abilities. Worse, I could be judged for mental capacity by the National Federation of the Blind. THey refuse to help with the guardianship case and think that I have the capacity of a damn three-year-old. Wrongo!

This is why I auditioned and worked hard to come out of my shell, and I auditioned for the DWC. Please, I hope I make it.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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