R. Kelly Revisited

Dear devotees and fans of R and B music, fans of R. Kelly, and especially the victims of this man,

I’m not here to beg and plead for mercy for R. Kelly. It has become apparent that Mr. Kelly does display the ten most common traits of a sexual predator, and here is what I know so far.


  1. R. Kelly did indeed blame the girls for his sexual behaviors. Being hot doesn’t make girls have sex, right? But R. Kelly may be exhibiting behaviors that point to this.
  2. R. Kelly thinks he’s entitled to indiscretions now and then, and as a singer whose music is played over and over again, he’s living in luxury. Oops. So he thinks that because he’s rich, he’s entitled to do things ordinary men do not do at all.
  3. R. Kelly has a badly damaged self image. What with the bad court dates and the fact that he has to be bailed out of jail. But he has a badly damaged self-esteem.
  4. R. Kelly exhibits a need for power and control, and there’s a fine line between good power and bad power. WHen adults have illicit sex with children, it is evident that the adult in this case is establishing power and control of a victim. It’s not a romantic sojourn or a happy marriage potential as many families will claim.
  5. R. Kelly has a history of child abuse,  with his sisters being the abusers. Many predators have been slapped or cuffed in the face when their needs were to be met. IF they felt angry, a sibling or parent might just give them the cold shoulder or slap them across the face. This might have happened to R. Kelly, sadly.
  6. R. Kelly did have a troubled childhood. He might have abused girls too.
  7. R. Kelly seems to have either no conscience, no empathy, or both. empathy is a skill that will indeed need to be taught with regards to R. Kelly.
  8. Kelly has had issues having relations with adult women. It is evident that Andrea, his wife, or should we say ex-wife, is probably one of very few women who would come into contact with Kelly. He has done some pretty stupid things to uproot his career, including allowing himself the time to mess with little girls, on top of not finding ways to do something about his inability to have real satisfying relationships with proper adults.
  9. R. Kelly might have been acquitted on child pornography charges, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have deviant sexual behaviors and attitudes to deal with. HE does have the potential for deviant sexual behaviors as is evident in his amatory overtures with young girls.
  10. Where are the drugs and alcohol? Well? R. Kelly might have been using while abusing. WHile I don’t have access to R. Kelly, I certainly do have access to some information about him.

What can be done to reform Mr. Kelly? While America’s justice system firmly believes that Kelly should be locked up in jail, the key thrown away, I think it may not be necessary. Kelly already will have to register as a sex offender in the state of Illinois. Cook County will specify how many times anyone can visit him otherwise. What is the life of a sex offender like?

Well, R. Kelly can look forward to being checked on by the department of corrections in Cook County every Halloween. HE can also look forward to group counseling, in which he will have to devise a safety plan and learn the dynamics of sex offender behavior. HE will have to pay for his own treatment, right out of his pocket. Of course, Kelly is likely to be told never to associate with females under the age of eighteen. Kelly will likely live a bleak life if he can’t have his music streamed. His music will have to be played, even if the victims don’t like it. Sure, we can say “Mute R. Kelly” all we want, but the entertainment industry will go on allowing men to have sex with underage girls. Robert Kelly is hardly the only black singer charged with a crime. Singer Chris Brown was infamously charged with domestic violence against fellow singer Rihanna. People called for him to be muted permanently on the airwaves. But R. Kelly is a bit old to be messing around with young girls.

What should prison look like for R. Kelly? Not the kind we have, but if I had it my way, I’d never bother putting Mr. Kelly in jail. Jails are overcrowded with prisoners, and in the toughest prisons, inmates oftentimes don’t get to eat. It especially happens in Papua New Guinea and other places near Australia. African prisons are some of the worst. A Costa Rican prison wouldn’t work either, as inmates there would put Kelly’s life at risk. If we only had a prison system that rehabs inmates, not so much punishes them, as they are already being punished. Perhaps Mr. Kelly should have some time in rehab, not prison. If he lived in Norway, he’d spend time in Halden prison, where the guards and inmates are treated as equals. So what if Kelly is accused of sexual abuse of underage girls? His behaviors need to be put in check, and violence is hardly the answer to any of what anyone does committing a crime. It’s like fighting fire with fire.

If anything, R. Kelly should be given a Norwegian style 21 years in a rehabilitative environment where he can eat a good diet, learn to write better lyrics, and perhaps if people see he’s reformed and changed and taught to do a good safety plan, he will have his career back on track. He should of course be willing to work with psychologists, prison guards, and other entities that will rehabilitate him from the sexual predator of the past to a reformed “bumble” as Cornelius would say in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Cornelius somehow reformed the snow monster, the Abominable Snowman. But can R. Kelly reform? I think he can, and I think he will, regardless of what America’s broken beyond repair justice system thinks.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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