Dedicated to the Fathers and Mothers of Severely Disabled Adults IN Care Facilities

Dear Mr. Blanchert, and other parent cohorts,

When I saw the USA Today article about your daughter, Dawn, I could almost see myself in her shoes, had it not been for the fact that for one thing, I’m composing this blog. For another thing, my heart goes out to all the fathers and mothers who’ve suffered because of the William Shorter Sr. figures out there willing to use the daughters as, to take a quote from the article and modify it slightly, “pieces of meat.” Disabled women are often seen as disposable pieces of meat, especially those with a mental capacity below their chronological ages.

My chronological age is 32, so indeed is my mental capacity. My parents deny this, but this is not the backbone of why I do what I do. Dawn should have had better care at the facility she’s at now, and honestly, it should have included the following:

  1. At the top of the list, I’d put pregnancy testing and STD testing for all females of childbearing age.
  2. Protocol to ensure only women care for women, while the guys would have to go to facilities where men reside, only men.
  3. Since Dawn can’t consent, did she cry out? Even if she did or didn’t, not having a male caregiver would solve about 80% of this. But here’s another thing that should’ve happened: the facility’s women should have been given a basic run through of sexual anatomy and physiology to their level, then in school before going into these facilities, they should’ve been taught consent and all.
  4. If we teach our boys not to just sit there and think of disabled girls as pieces of meat, that would solve about 90% of the problems in the greater social context, and 20% of this problem specifically. Dawn may have the mental capacity of a ten-year-old girl, but unfortunately, she had to have had a very basic knowledge of what sex is, what it does, and pregnancy and what it is and what it does. Even ten-year-olds in Catholic schools, sadly, are learning sexual anatomy like what ovaries are, so I don’t see any excuse here.
  5. For women in a vegetative state like the lady in Arizona, there should simply be a woman to woman, man to man protocol so that potential Nathan Southerlands don’t rape their next victim.

I know you are angry, Mr. Blanchert. To other parents of intellectually disabled children and adults, do you guys know what can happen in care facilities? Let Mr. Blanchert’s story be a lesson to everybody. Keep your intellectually disabled female adults away from prying predators. They may see the innocence of youth and want to abuse it just as Mr. Shorter and Mr. Southerland both ended up doing. These women are not for the pleasure of men. To be fair, no man should make a woman his pleasure slave. I don’t want this happening to women with severe disabilities, thus this blog.

Wile I’ve been attacked for doing what I do, I don’t care. I want justice for all the Dawn Blancherts out there, for all the other victims around the country. I want a referendum on sexual abuse of females in care facilities, especially those of childbearing age, so that we can best address the problem not just in Florida, not just in Arizona, but nationwide. It is with a heavy heart that I wrote this at all.

Correction: In my last post, especially the one regarding the two cases, the one entitled “Baby Number 2”, I said that men should not touch women. Or their patients. Well, my friend, Joanne Stark, quickly pointed out that nurses do have to touch patients in order to turn them in bed, etc. Well, she clarified what I was trying to write, and so here you go. If you want to be in the medical professions, do not inappropriately advance on female patients, whether you are a nurse or doctor. That’s probably a better way to put it. I’d like to profusely thank Ms. Stark and others who’ve read my entries with as much gusto as I have been writing them.

Also, I’d like to invite my followers to get to know me. Follow my Twitter, Facebook, or Mastodon. Thank you all for reading.


P.S. I will post a link to the USA Today story upon request, so you all enjoy this.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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