Baby Number 2? And this time, from Florida?

I’d like to forego the greeting so I can dedicate this post to gentlemen. I mean it. Gentlemen, what makes you guys think it’s okay to rape and impregnate incapacitated females? I’m serious, what is with you guys doing this to girls who can’t even say no? If you’re a man, why do you want sex with a lady who not only isn’t able to tell truth from lies, but may either be developmentally unable to express herself or worse, may be in a coma. Ugh. What is so special about these ladies? Is it the fact they can’t move? Is it the fact they can’t cry out? Does it give you pleasure to see women like these in an incapacitated state submitting to your will? Well, you guys should know that Nathan Southerland, 36, and Willie Short of Rockledge, FLorida, aged 54, are both arrested for this sick thought of impregnating girls in their care who can’t say no, and in Willie’s case, his victim can’t tell truth from lies. She has the mental capacity of a small child, and what was your position, Mr. Short? You were supposed to care for her, not have intimate relations and impregnate her. What do we females have to put up with? In Mr. Southerland’s case, I’m sure his wife is going to file for divorce because this kind of thing sickens me.

And what sickens me more is that this took place in Rockledge, Brevard County, in my old hometown state. Florida now has a stain on its hands, and should take better care of medicaid patients with developmental capacities below their chronological age. I wouldn’t be writing this if I wasn’t concerned. WESH picked up the story of the girl, whose name was not identified for obvious reasons. But the next baby that pops out of a woman who can’t consent will bring shame to the persons who don’t even think the lady is pregnant. In the Arizona case, the woman’s pregnancy was not known, and Southerland’s DNA had to be extracted from her and the baby. Ugh.

Now, gentlemen, here are your instructions:

If you want to be a nurse and work in these facilities, don’t touch your patients.

If you want to be a doctor, don’t freaking touch your patients. It says clearly in the Hippocratic Oath. I don’t know if the oath is written this way, but “thou shalt not get involved sexually with thy patients, their family, or the maid of the house.” I learned this from a wise old psychiatrist, Dr. William Johnson, god rest his soul. I’m sorry to see this kind of thing brought out from under the rug, but the poor girl in Rockledge I might know. Could it be someone I might have known in an exceptional education classroom? Brevard County should be ashamed of itself for allowing a sick man like Short to care for, and in turn impregnate, the lady in this case. Please tell the reporters at WESH that they did a good job picking this up, and I will be happy to help them with interviews and things to say about the way Brevard doesn’t truly care about its developmentally delayed/disabled. We need better qualified people nationwide to care for our most vulnerable people, and to see babies falling out of the bodies of young women who didn’t ask for them is disheartening. Gentlemen, don’t ever touch a lady without her permission and without her verbal or signed consent. This means that a deaf lady will tell you if you’re doing something wrong. A blind woman won’t put up with your crap. A developmentally disabled woman will say the same, and even though she may not have the right capacity, she will still be off limits.

I hope the men in these two cases learn a hard lesson about disabled adult abuse. In jail, they will have to give up their nursing licensure, give up their lives, and not have access to social media and the Internet. They should not be allowed near disabled females in order to repeat their mistakes. IF I was a Brevard County judge, I would totally crack down on those people. Same if it was Arizona. I’d hand the book to those guys, sentencing them to 40 years behind bars, no visitation for their children, and restraining orders to protect their victims. If a lady is in a coma, not able to understand your actions, or not able to do things the way you want to, just don’t touch. Keep your penises to yourselves, and love your wives and partners. I mean, the partners you married, had a contract with, the ones you can communicate with. I can consent, and I have with my current love. If I get hate mail just for writing this, I don’t care. There are many females whose lives are ruined because of Nathan Southerlands and William Shorts. So there you go.

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There you will find everything from YTP analysis to fun and frolic to disability rights stuff. I want positive thinking here, but I shouldn’t have to tell the guys how to behave around women. We don’t put up with this kind of thing. I’m not doing reverse misogyny, I’m trying to protect persons with disabilities who can’t fend for themselves.

Thanks for reading, and have a nice productive day.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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