The Most Inspiring Woman in Denver

Dear readers,

All I can say is thank God for Twitter, and thanks to Twitter, my rising star is floating around and waiting for me to fly along with her. I want to dedicate this post to the one, the only, the fantastic Gloria Neal. Glo was on progressive radio for a time, and it was she who spoke deeply to me while I listened. It was on those mornings when I woke up, those mornings when I spoke to her, or she inadvertently woke up the progressive fireball that shook my very core. It was when dear miss Glo left and progressive radio was ended that I realized that my dream came alive with everything aflutter and she was what made things like this blog, my podcast, and even. more so, my vision of the world take flight. I would never have written and exposed the nooks and crannies of things had I not heard her crazy predictions about “palcohol”, or what we call just powdered alcohol, or the mesmerizing debate over guns and why no gun zones are or are not important, etc., I would never have been brave enough to step outside the box. I enjoyed a good debate, and I still do, but seeing that now Glo has a great job working with the Mayor, that is amazing. She probably will light up Mr. Hancock’s campaign, and that is what we must do. But still, I miss her voice, her amazing reality check she gave the Conservatives and moreover, I miss the kind of things she brought up. I will cherish the memory of the show she did on AM760, and I will always cherish her Tweets! I was overly excited to get a “Where have you been?” And I felt like I was on her wavelength. And yes, we think on the same wavelength. People are people, and if that’s one thing we can all learn, it is from this lady up there in the rafters. Glo, you inspired me to keep going even at my darkest hours, and perhaps you should read this post. I hope Mr. Hancock sees this because I want to bring a pro disability and ultraprogressive outlet back to Denver, after all this city is supposed to be progressive and a more liberal location than any city I’ve lived in.

Glo, if you read this, you have no idea what “monster” you’ve unleashed. My inspiration to write this blog, to sho the world what they’re missing, to unleash the Kraken and expose what needs to b exposed, it was you. III’m here, writing this, because I owe you one. We need more progressives out there, people who actually give a crap what we think. Thank you for your catching up with me, and do read this blog. I know parts of it can be dark at times, but I am pro disability rights. and it is a personal topic to me. As a blind woman, I came here for an escape, I came here to live the life I wanted, and you did what was necessary to release the progressive within me. I tried more Conservative roads, but no faith or church accepted that not only was I blind, but that I was human. I bleed, people. I can do things that every damn human being can do. I have the best significant other EVER!!!!!!! And he’s blind as well, black, and … what else? Nothing but awesome. I have my own place, and I love life within my heart, but there’s always something missing, including my family not supporting a wedding and not caring what happens to Trenton, but yet they strove to control me. I worked that block button like a boss a couple weeks back due to trolling and hateful messages popping up on my blog and other places in social media land. So now, people don’t understand the heartbreaking truth, and that’s what I write. about. The truth. You inspire nothing more than this, the truth.

I want to thank all of my supporters and readers of this blog for being there, sticking up for what is right, and doing what should be done to uncover the secrets that we all think are the dirty little secrets that should be kept under the rug. But if we don’t do the right thing for the community, we will all be failed.

Thanks again to Gloria Neal for your inspiration and the wonderful things you do. Keep up the hard work, and watch out, folks, because I think I’ll be on my way.

With love always,


Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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